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my cat is over 17 years old and she stop eating and drinking

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my cat is over 17 years old and she stop eating and drinking 3 days ago. I see mucus coming from her mouth and little bit from a nose with bad odor and she is very weak and bony, seams like life living her... what is this?
Hello, and welcome to Just Answer!

My name is XXXXX XXXXX it will be my pleasure to assist you and your kitty today.

I'm so sorry to hear that she's not feeling well, nor doing well at this time.

There are various medical conditions that older cats can develop, like diabetes, hyperthyroidism, kidney failure, liver and pancreatic issues, and right now, the most important symptoms you described are her lack of eating and drinking. She is most likely dehydrated and needs fluids either IV or under the skin from the vet, to rehydrate her. When a cat doesn't eat, even for a short period of time, this can adversely affect her liver with a condition called hepatic lipidosis and this requires immediate vet treatment, as well.

If she has mucus coming from her mouth and nose which has a bad odor, she may have developed a dental problem like an abscessed tooth, infected gums, sores in her mouth (a condition called 'stomatitis'), or she may have something stuck between teeth, between cheek and gum, under her tongue, wrapped around the back of her tongue, or in the roof of her mouth and this is causing her to not be able to eat, in addition to causing her pain. If the discharge from her mouth smells bad, this usually indicates infection. The mucus from her nose may indicate an upper respiratory infection which may have to run it's course, but the vet may be able to help with antibiotics to prevent secondary bacterial infections, if she doesn't already have an infection in her system.

From your description of all her symptoms, there's no doubt that your furry girl needs to be evaluated in person by a vet immediately, so she can be diagnosed and treated. At first, she will be given supportive care, like fluids, while tests are run, like blood work, and then the vet will be able to discuss the diagnosis and treatment which will be best for her. For the moment, check the color of her gums, which should be light pink; if they are more pale, like white, grey or bluish she needs emergency vet attention. Also, try rubbing some Karo corn syrup, honey or pancake syrup on her gums or drop on her tongue, to raise her blood sugar, which must be low. This might perk her up a bit, but she still needs to be seen right away by a vet.

I hope you are able to have her seen by a vet right away, so she can be treated and start feeling back to herself.

I hope all will be well with your furry girl!

If you need any additional information or clarification, simply 'Reply' back before rating and I will be happy to help with any follow up questions.

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Warmest regards,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

my can is very clean freak, but 3days ago she urinate and laying on it... i give her a bath, and everything change that morning. she lost allot of wait and she always ask for a fresh water... are you sure she will be back to normal or she is dying?

Hi again, and thanks for your reply with additional information.

If your cat is asking for water/drinking excessively, and losing weight, this can be a symptom of some of the conditions I mentioned previously: diabetes, hyperthyroidism, kidney and liver issues.

I cannot predict with certainty if she will be back to normal, unfortunately, because only the vet who evaluates her physical condition in person and does blood work to see what's causing the problem, will be able to let you know this. However, from your description, she is a very ill kitty right now and needs immediate vet treatment.

Can you get her to an emergency vet right away, if your regular vet is now closed? If you need help finding an ER vet center, please let me know your city/state/zipcode and I will research this for you.

The most important thing is that she is seen immediately. This is not something you can treat at home.

Warmest regards,
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