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Hello...I have a male cat who has been diagnosed with Intestinal

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Hello...I have a male cat who has been diagnosed with Intestinal Bowel Syndrome.
The doctor told me to experiment with different types of food...human food, since dry and wet cat food gave him diarrhea. The dry food I was giving him is Royal Canine cat food, and the canned food is Friskies Ocean Whitefish and Tuna.
I also had the cat neutered. I have had the cat about four months now.
The cat's name is Sylvester. At first, I fed him chicken, rice and green peas...but this also gave him diarrhea. Then, I fed him beef, cooked well done, cut into little pieces, mixed with rice and green peas, or green beans. This worked well, and his stools were normal, for about two weeks. But now, he has diarrhea again, and I could bring him back to the doctor, but I don't want the doctor doing surgery on him to see what is wrong, so do you have any other ideas?
Any other types of food I should try?

CalCatDoc :

Hi! I can help with your questions about Sylvester's diet.

CalCatDoc :

I assume that the diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) was arrived at after excluding other major diseases with a blood panel and urinalysis?

CalCatDoc :

If he has had an intestinal biopsy that's even better, but if you haven't done that it's ok - most my clients with this issue in their cats don't either.

CalCatDoc :

Is he on any medication? Prednisolone is a cornerstone of IBD treatment, and oftern metronidazole.

CalCatDoc :

Probably the single most important thing to do diet-wise with a case of IBD, whether presumed or confirmed, is to remove ALL FISH from the diet immediately and permanently. Fish is the protein source most likely to be involved in food allergy, and IBD is essentially a contact allergic reaction in the insides of the intestines.

CalCatDoc :

My favorite diet for IBD kitties is Hill's Prescription Diet I/D, and it comes in canned and dry. Most cats love both versions. If that's a bit too pricey for you, or you can't obtain it (I see you are in Panama), then perhaps Science Diet Sensitive Stomach.

CalCatDoc :

I rarely recommend homemade diets for cats anymore because the commercial products for disease management are IMHO far superior and make your life much easier.

CalCatDoc :

In a cat in a tropical environment, it's also very important to make sure he is on adequate internal and external parasite controls because, frankly, there are some really weird diseases down there. And they could mimic IBD.

CalCatDoc :

If you need clarification on anything or have further questions, just type them in the box and when you are done it will alert me. I am switching to Q&A mode now.

CalCatDoc :

Hope to hear back from you. I think Sylvester can be helped.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sylvester has been inside since I found him, and he is separate from the other cats so I can see what is in his litter box. The doctor has seen his stool samples, and he has been treated for parasites.

The doctor did not want to do an intestinal biopsy, and I did not want that either...traumatic to the cat.

I do not want the cat on any strong prescription medication.

I want to find the right diet for the cat, since that will probably be enough.

The cat has not had a blood panel or urinalysis...the doctor seemed sure that he has IBD. He wanted to try a different diet to see if that helped.

I cannot find Hill's Prescription Diet for cats here...only for dogs.

I think I have seen Science Diet Sensitive Stomach. I could try that.

Should I bring Sylvester back to the same doctor and ask that he do a blood panel and urinalysis to rule out other diseases before I try the Science Diet Sensitive Stomach?

I should mention that Sylvester seems fine...he runs around and plays with Junior, a half-grown kitten. He sleeps a lot, but so do the other cats. He craves attention from me, and he is always hungry, so I'm sure he needs something he is not getting in his food...certain vitamins or minerals.

I did not know about fish being bad for IBD.

Well, I will wait for your reply. If you think I should bring Sylvester in for a blood panel and urinalysis, I will do that tomorrow morning. And I will ask the doctor about Science Diet Sensitive Stomach. He did recommend Hill's Prescription Diet, but I could not find it here.

I think it would be a very good idea to make sure he does not have any other underlying disease problems by doing a blood panel and UA.


Fish is terrible for most cats. I have seen it cause an awful lot of gastrointestinal problems along with skin and urinary problems. It's just not biologically suitable for them. Most vets don't know this. A lot of cat specialists don't even know it.

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