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My cat is aprox 10 yrs old - inside cat. Weighs 12.25 lbs

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My cat is aprox 10 yrs old - inside cat. Weighs 12.25 lbs - lost 3lbs since Oct 2012. His tummy makes loud gurgling noises & he vomits frequently - sometimes the vomit is hair & sometimes it is food. His stools were normally solid & dry until 4 days ago when they became loose & runny.

He has been very hungry & I have been feeding him the Fancy Feast Appetizers which he loves because of the gravy. He tries his dry food & has kibbles off to the side, from chewing? Vet said he has some minor dental concerns.

I took him to the vet & got a full comprehensive exam with IDX Custom Profile w/MG T4 UA O&P & he received Cerenia & Flortiflora (mixed in food daily).

The blood work came back - everything fine & the next step is a XRay or Ultrasound. Not sure which is the best test to try first - any advise?

Also, I have seen the Pepcid AC recommended -

Hello Christie,

Thanks so much for requesting me!

I would love to help with Rubel but I need some more information.

You say his T4 for thyroid was tested, do you know the results?

how long is he vomiting and tummy gurgling?

has he had any new or different foods?

how long is his stool loose?

Is he nervous or high strung?

After your reply, please give me a few minutes to type detailed answer.



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

He seems very nervous, yet mellow. I have Feliaway diffusers in the house to try to relieve some of his anxiety. The Vet said his thyroid function was normal & he had minor signs of early renal failure that is not uncommon for a cat his age. The gurgling is frequently thru out the day. The loose stools started on 8/17 & that is why I took him to vet on 8/19.


His vomit on 8/17 was mostly liquid & in a large amount. Normally the vomit is smaller in size - at least 3 times a week.


I bought him cat grass to see if the "salad" might help his tummy, normally he lives it - but he has not chewed on it this time.


He also keeps licking his lips which the vet said was a sign of nausea.


I have tried lots of different types of foods because he has been fussy. He seems to like can food with lots of gravy & he does not eat big chunks. The Pate style also does well with him.




Dear XXXXXtie,

Thanks so much for your reply with very helpful information.

You may be looking at newly developed food allergies or IBS which is characterized by bouts of constipation and diarrhea:

IBD or colitis are also possibilities:


Sometime older cats become sensitive to the grains used as fillers in most pet foods.

Pick up any dry foods and anything with pieces, shreds or chunks. You say he does not really like them anyway.

It is possible bacteria from decaying teeth can be causing his kidney issues and his stomach to react so those should be removed. He should be on antibiotics till this is done.

Of course, nerves or stress can cause diarrhea and vomiting, however the most common cause is feeding dry food:

It is best to get him a feliway collar so the pheromone calms him wherever he is:

Most cats his age with weight loss and excessive appetite are hyperthyroid. The excess hormone burns up a lot of calories. But you say his T4 is normal. That may mean he is begining this disorder but it is not yet registering on a test.

Y/D is a food that can help:

Hills also makes food for sensitive tummies

It does sound like he is nauseated. You can give him one quarter of a 10 mg pepcid a/c every 1 2 hours:

He should also get a probiotic every day.

If you decide to do further testing the ultrasound will be more helpful (and less stressful) than x ray that would have to be done with contrast.

Feed him small frequent meals of pate foods so he does not gorge and vomit.

Please let me know what happens. I hope this has been helpful BUT if you need anything further just press reply and I will be here for you.

Very fondly,


Terri and 4 other Cat Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you! I will give your recommendations a try!


Dear Christie,

You are more than welcome. It is my pleasure to help someone as wonderful as you!

Thanks so much for your positive rating. It is VERY appreciated.

Please let me know how Rubel is doing and what his tests show.

He is very lucky to have YOU!

Best wishes for him,


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