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Dr. Ann M.
Dr. Ann M., Cat Veterinarian
Category: Cat
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Experience:  ER and general medicine Veterinarian since 2005
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Hi cher..I have a female 5 year old Maine Coon. Late last night

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Hi cher..I have a female 5 year old Maine Coon. Late last night or early this morning i noticed that she is extremely lethargic. She can walk and still run form the other cats yet she cant keep food down. she has drank some water yet is throwing up clear foam. I have also noticed a clear discharge coming from her behind.

I have NOT seen any blood in her stool as she did go poop this morning earlier in the AM about 7. I am on west Coast time so it is now 2.30 PM.

Any ideas?? Thanks..Tony
Hi there and thank you for your question. It seems Cher is unavailable, so I have been asked to help you. I am a licensed veterinarian and would be happy to assist you. Vomiting and lethargy in cats can be caused by many things, and it would require blood work and/or x-rays to rule out the many different causes. Hopefully this is simply a case of gastroenteritis, which is inflammation of the stomach or intestines or both, which can be caused by having eaten something out of the ordinary, or by stress. As long as she is not extremely lethargic and her gums are still pink you can try symptomatic care at home for 24 hours and see if symptoms resolve. I would do this: withhold food and water for 6 hours, and I would give Pepcid A/C 10mg, 1/2 tablet once every 24 hours. You can give the first dose now. Then, after 6 hours, if she has not vomited, you may offer some chicken or beef baby food (bland diet). If she holds that down, feed that to her in 4-5 small meals throughout the day for the next 24 hours. If all goes well you can switch back to her usual diet after 24 hours. If she continues to vomit, see your vet. Hope this helps! Best of luck.
Dr. Ann M., Cat Veterinarian
Category: Cat
Satisfied Customers: 4847
Experience: ER and general medicine Veterinarian since 2005
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you Dr Ann..i have given her the Pepcid and she seems fine now. i remember she acted exactly the same way before and i gave her the pepcid and she was fine. Thank you very much!!

Hello again, Tony and thanks for requesting me.

I was offline at the time you posted and I'm glad Dr Ann was able to help you. I'm also glad that Bobbie is feeling better now and the Pepcid helped to settle her stomach. I just wanted to make you aware that if you do give jarred baby food meat, check the label to make sure it does not contain any onion products, garlic, any seasonings at all, thickeners or artificial preservatives. The only ingredients should be meat and possibly water needed for processing. Beechnut Stage 1 chicken and chicken broth is a good one, if you want to try that, but other brands like Gerber may contain onion powder. Just read the label and you'll be fine.

I hope all will be well with Bobbie!

Warmest regards,
You are welcome, Tony, and I am glad I was able to help. Please remember to rate my service. Take care and best of luck!
Thank you so much for the generous bonus, Tony! I hope your cat continues to do well. Take care!