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Dr. Deb
Dr. Deb, Cat Veterinarian
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Our 15 year old DSH female indoor cat was put to sleep last

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Our 15 year old DSH female indoor cat was put to sleep last Wednesday. The day before, she started drooling excessively and we took her to the vet. They gave her an anti-nausea shot and asked us to come back the next day. That evening she peed on the bed - never did that before. By Wednesday morning she was still drooling, and started growling and hissing at nothing. She was in such bad shape the vet counselled us to have her put to sleep as they were afraid it might be rabies and they couldn't do anything for her. The test came back negative. She was otherwise very healthy (bloodwork was normal), and other than having a cancerous growth removed about 4 years ago, no other problems. Any idea what could have caused these symptoms? We have another cat in the house and I'm a little worried that it might have been contagious.

Hi, I'm Dr. Deb. I will do my best to assist you today.

I'm so sorry to hear about Bast; I know this must have been extremely difficult for you and your family.

When an older cats starts to behave in very unusual ways and blood work is normal (and rabies has been ruled out as in this case, since she was drooling), then it sounds like she may have had a brain mass triggering her signs.
Personality and behavioral changes of this sort are common with brain tumors. It would have taken an MRI to diagnose such a problem although they are usually located in areas of the brain where it is neither practical nor advisable that they be removed....especially in a cat this age.

Since she was indoors, it would be highly unlikely that she would have a contagious condition such as Feline Infectious Peritonitis or Feline Leukemia or Feline AIDS which might affect her brain. Therefore, I think it unlikely that you need worry about your other cat.

Why she started drooling is a little less clear. There are various reasons for this symptom (such as infected tooth, abscess, foreign body, nausea) although it can also occur spontaneously in some cases. I don't have a good explanation for this if she had a brain mass.

Again, my condolences to you and your family. Deb
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you very much, Deb. She was a lovely cat and we're going to miss her very much. Our only consolation was that it all happened so quickly and she didn't have to suffer for a long time.

Take care.



It seems odd to say you're welcome under the circumstances but I'm glad if I've been able to help you today.

I know this must have been pretty shocking since it happened so suddenly but as you say, at least she wasn't ill for a long time.

I'm never sure which is worse: the lingering illness or the ones that take our pets quickly although neither one is obviously easy to handle.

I know there's going to be a big hole in your hearts for a long time to come.

Take care, Deb

Dr. Deb and other Cat Specialists are ready to help you
I just wanted to thank you for the rating; it's greatly appreciated.

My thoughts will be with you and your family at this very sad time, Deb