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Dr. Scarlett
Dr. Scarlett, Cat Veterinarian
Category: Cat
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Experience:  I am a practicing small animal veterinarian with 18 years experience.
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Hi Again~I am asking about Prince once more~ he loves to lick

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Hi Again~I am asking about Prince once more~ he loves to lick a knife with cheese whiz on it~I caught him in the sink doing that recently~so every now and then I let him have a drop or pin point amount in a little dish~ would this cause problems~ he goes tomorrow ~ to get his shots~ nails clipped and fur around his anal area cut back~he does not take to grooming very well~ he would have to be sedated~so I am not bothering with that~he was done once at a Spa and they had a terrible time with him~are Persians usually bathed~ also when a thunder storm is coming do they sense it~ he tears around something awful at times~ although sometimes for no reason~even without a storm~ did you say when they hide they are sick~ he sort of cried a bit as he passed his stool tonight~although it was a hard one and not diaherrra~thank goodness~Martha~

Dr. Scarlett :


Dr. Scarlett :

No big deal to have a small treat of Cheese Whiz. A lot of cats like that, cream cheese, yogurt, etc. As long as they aren't overweight or it doesn't cause vomiting, it shouldn't be a problem.

Dr. Scarlett :

As far as grooming, many times we end up sedating cats to do a full "lion cut". With anesthesia we don't generally bathe them because we don't want to further lower their body temperature. It really is the odd cat that needs a bath--if they feel greasy or scaly, then I would recommend it, but otherwise it isn't worth the stress to anyone! If he has a lot of mats, then sedation to remove them all should be done. Matted fur can lead to skin problems and be painful for the cat.

Dr. Scarlett :

Some animals, dogs especially, have thunderstorm anxiety. Some cats just tear around the house like crazy for no apparent reason at all. Does his skin "crawl" before he does it or does he suddenly start licking at his lower back and then run around like a mad cat?


Hi ~I did not notice if he licked his lower back ~I was on my computer and saw that a severe thunderstorm was in effect~then he started tearing around like crazy~I have noted that Himalayans are said to do this at times anyway~thunder does not seem to bother him~ but our dogs used to be really afraid~ REALLY~it must be their intense hearing maybe~I comb him everyday and if I find a matte I get him relaxed looking out a window or whatever and cut it out~ so he does not have many~ his Breeder now seems to bath her Persians regularly~ that is why I wondered~ once when we had him at the Vets the secretary said you don't bath a cat when we asked~I thought perhaps Persians might be an exception~thanks about the cheese whiz~it is almost a drop I give him~ but licking that seems to satisfy him~ he probably is over weight~ since I give him more treats than you should I am sure~he is at the Groomers right now getting his nails clipped and his rectum area trimmed and his yearly needles~ there is a Vet there also~ he was not happy leaving with my son and they seem to know~how often should their nails be cut~ we can't possibly do it ourselves~ when my husband was alive we wrapped him in a towel and managed ~ but it was hard~Martha

Dr. Scarlett :

I trim my cats' nails probably every 6-8 wks. Whenever I have the cat on my lap and notice that there nail is going into my skin! If you get the "sanitary clip" (where they trim the fur around his rectum) periodically, that would be the time to do the nails, too. But I wouldn't stress Prince out and have him bathed.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Again~Prince had his needles and his nails cut and his rectum trimmed yesterday~a big day for him~ last night for the first time in ages he did not do that procedure of jumping on me and kneading~ his nails would thus make such a noise~in my feather down blanket~ he ignored that procedure all together and yet he always waited for me before ~ would it thus have had something to do with his nails being too long~ it had been a while ~ almost 10 weeks since they were done~Martha~

Hi Martha,
Hard to say why Prince didn't do his usual kneading on you. Perhaps the "trauma" from his vet visit, maybe because his toes felt different after the nail trim. Cats will scratch to get rid of the outer shell of the nail (sort of like a snake--the nail underneath is longer and sharper), so maybe he didn't feel the need to do that after the trim.

Hopefully he'll be back at it soon! :)
Dr. Scarlett and other Cat Specialists are ready to help you
Hi Martha,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Prince. How is everything going?

Dr. Scarlett
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Dr Scarlett~ Prince started back with his kneading again last night~funny how he missed a night and obviously it must not be his nails~I am a bit concerned about his weight~ 7km~when I hold him and weigh myself he was 12 pounds~ but they would be probably more accurate~his needles are up to date also~ I guess I should be cutting back on those treats~it is kind of hard now though~Thanks for caring and taking an interest~ Martha and Prince~

Hi Martha,
Glad to hear Prince is back to his "antics." I'm sure he was just put out and tired after being at the vet's office!

Yep, cut back on those treats and measure out his food. One of my 4 cats likes pumpkin, so you could try giving him a little of that. It is a good fiber source and not terribly high in calories; might fill him up so he doesn't eat so much of his regular food.

Probably the best thing to do is measure out his daily kibble (1/2 cup or so) into a bag and then dole that out throughout the day. Maybe 2 meals and then use the rest as treats?

Hope you are finding some volunteer activities to get you out into your new city. Besides your son, do you know anybody there? It sounds like a difficult adjustment on so many levels. I'm glad you have Prince to keep you company!
Dr. Scarlett and other Cat Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I just leave his food there in one of those self feeding containers~I find that you have to scrape the top off however and put fresh ~ as the smell must tempt him more~I noted this when I opened a new bag of Iam's and he kept wanting in the bag~ like it was treats~ so if I put fresh food in his treat dish it sometimes can trick him into thinking he has treats~I guess this self feeder should go~but I like the idea that he can eat whenever he is hungary~ and he never seems to overdue the food~it is the LUV treats he wants~he meows and looks so pitiful at me~I am a real sucker~he does not care for yougart~ but a bit of cheese whiz and just a drop of that seems to make him happy~I weighed him last night~ by doing what I always did and it used to be accurate~ he was 12 pounds~I wonder why the big difference from the Vet's~Thanks for Caring ~Martha~PSI am sure Prince feels the loss also and I guess this is why I try to spoil him a bit


I am not as smart as your mother~I am in a depression I think~ and started a mild anti~ depressant~called Wellbutrin~it is different from most and will not cause weight gain nor high eye pressure~ I have this~ not glaucoma yet though~I have a Social Phobia~ so I am the one who really needs a person to help me~ a young woman is coming in on the week- ends now for a few hours and yesterday she gave me a massage~I don't know if I will ever be normal again however~I don't drive here either and nothing is within walking distance~ I must sound hopeless to you~in comparison to your much older mother~ my husband died real suddenly~ he was not even supposed to be sick~his tests were all normal even two months before~ Martha~Thanks for Caring

Yes, I think you need to get rid of the self-feeder. He may not seem to be eating all that much, but even a few extra kibble pieces each day will put on the pounds over months. Measure the food out twice a day. He probably will still continue to graze, but it will at least be a more limited amount of food.

When he cries for treats, just get a laser pointer or other interactive toy out. He may just want attention; we just find it easier to give a treat. (Sort of like it is easier for me to grab a handful of potato chips when I get home from work, rather than taking a 10 min walk around the block!)

Don't give up hope--that is the depression talking. You WILL be normal again, but it will take some time. Glad you have someone coming in on the weekends.
Dr. Scarlett and other Cat Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Again~I think I had told you how Prince had two corneal sequestrians ~one was just the beginning and the other was quite deep~we learned that his eye lids were growing inwards instead of outwards~this caused it and it ended up costing us $3500.00 to have it all repaired~I have to put tear gel in as I told you everyday~my son did not ask the Vet about tears~ he forgot I guess~anyway he should be seeing a Specialist~ as he never did get back to that last appt. ~ she saw him once after the surgery and he was fine~then she wanted to see him again in six months and my husband died before that time and the Doctor lived in another City and I could not go alone or was I in any state of mind to go~I still suffer anxiety~as I told you unlike your mother I do not know anyone here and it is very lonely~my cousin babysat him for two months for me and she did not put the drops in~ as I was not sure if he even needed them~ I hope this did not set him back~the bad eye was so deep the Doctor had to leave the inner eye lid ~I think that is what she did~ covering it for added support~in the good eye I see traces of brown coloring and am not sure if it would be another ulcer or just residue left from the other operation~his eyes look pretty blue in the sun and he has no discharge or does he squint~she had grafts on both eyes~I just could not handle a big surgery like that again~all alone~ what other options is there or does the cat just go blind or lose their eye~Martha~PS~Would a small bit of cheese that I have been giving him be better than Luv treats~

Hi Martha,
If Prince isn't squinting or rubbing at his eye(s) and there isn't any redness or discharge, then I think things are probably pretty good right now. If the 3rd eyelid had to be tacked over the ulcer, then I would definitely expect some sort of scar in that area; that might be the brown coloring you see, although often scars are an opaque white.

Any veterinarian can test tear production on a cat using a Schirmer Tear Test strip. You could certainly buy over-the-counter artificial tears to put in Prince's eyes a couple times a day; it won't hurt him even if he doesn't need them.

As far as treats, since he is overweight, giving him some of his dry food from his daily measured amount would be better than either the treats or the cheese! Most treats are 2-3 calories a piece; I imagine the cheese is higher in fat and calories. So if you have to choose between those, then I'd stick with the Luv treats. Just cut back on his regular food to compensate for the extra calories.

Take care!
Dr. Scarlett and other Cat Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Doctor~The brown I see is actually in his better eye~I just hope it is not another corneal sequestrian~ as that eye only had the beginning of one and we had it operated on anyway~I am afraid his missing the tear gel for a while ~ when my cousin babysat him hurt him~anyway how do you know if a cat is sick or just sleepy~today he seems to be sleeping more than normal ~ I had my son here yesterday and he was up more in the afternoon~he usually sleeps afternoons~so maybe he is just tired~ but it kind of concerns me if he is sick or just tired ~Martha~

Corneal sequestrums do have a darker brown color to them. They are often caused by a herpes virus infection, not from eyelashes rubbing, so I'm not completely sure if sequestrum is the right term.

A sequestrum is an area of dead corneal tissue. While there can be an ulcer formed because of the sequestrum, it isn't caused by an ulcer--the sequestrum starts under normal corneal tissue.

If the problem is due to herpes, then often antiviral medication (either oral lysine or eye drops) are used. Surgery is a last resort if the problem worsens and is really painful for the cat.

As far as Prince sleeping more, it wouldn't surprise me if he is just "catching up" since his routine was disturbed the day before by your son's visit. Ah, to have the life of a pampered cat, huh?