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Dr. Scarlett
Dr. Scarlett, Cat Veterinarian
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Experience:  I am a practicing small animal veterinarian with 18 years experience.
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Hi~I own a Persiam Himalayan Cat and he just grabbed a piece

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Hi~I own a Persiam Himalayan Cat and he just grabbed a piece of scotch tape from me and ate it~it is quite sticky and about an inch long~ would that hurt him?~

Dr. Scarlett :


Dr. Scarlett :

I wouldn't be worried about a cat eating a little (or even a fair amount) of scotch tape. It will all dissolve in Prince's stomach. I suppose it could cause a little upset stomach or a mild bit of diarrhea, but otherwise no worries!

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for the reassurance~although I hope he does not have diarrhea~ it causes such a mess~ another habit he has and no Vet seems to be able to give me an answer~when I get in bed at night he waits patiently and then jumps on my lower back and wants me to move up and down or move my feet under the blankets~he kneads and purrs a way for quite a while and then he just leaves~I live alone~ he does not seem to want to sleep with me though~he is a neutered male 3 years old~ since I live alone and am a recent widow I tend to give into him also by giving him too many treats~he weighs 12 pounds~I give the Luv Tuna~he eats Iam's dryTuna for his food~his breeder believes in Youguart for her cats~ although they say milk is a big NO~ yet years ago cats drank milk~ even the barn cats~he had corneal ulcers from his eye lashes growing the wrong way~one was very deep~it cost us $3500.00 to repair this~one eye only had the beginning of one and we had it done also and he did not inherit any condition that would cause it~ are Breeders responsible at all for these things~mine did not offer any help~Martha

The bedtime ritual sounds like playtime to me. I have a cat that waits for my husband to get into bed and then they have a game of "undercover mousies" with his toes. She could care less when I move my feet!

Try not to "kill him with kindness"--overweight cats are at much higher risk of developing urinary issues (like crystals in the bladder and obstructions) and diabetes. At 3 years of age, he is approaching the age I frequently see blocked cats (around 4-6 years old) and virtually all of them are overweight.

Instead, do more playtime--laser pointers, fishing toys, jingle balls, etc. A cat can never have too many toys!

As far as milk--many cats are lactose-intolerant. Likely those barn cats had diarrhea, but no one noticed or because they never stopped drinking milk, those enzymes never went away. But yogurt is fine--it is a fermented milk product and shouldn't cause diarrhea issues.

Bummer about the eyelashes--I haven't really seen that in a cat before. Sadly, breeders wouldn't be responsible after the first 48 hours or so after purchase (unless they have a written agreement for something different).
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for your response~I never thought of it as a play time thing~I thus am glad if he considers it as such~since my husband died I am very down and often I do not play with him as often as I should~ he has tons of toys~ but he does not seem to take to them ~or many of them~ he prefers an old straw or something like that~I wish my husband was here to help entertain him~ he sleeps a lot~ is this normal~ also I have to put tear gel in his eyes once a day ~after his surgery~ I was sick and in the hospital for 2 weeks when my husband died~my cousin looked after him and I did not ask her to do it~ as I was not even sure if he still needed them ~ and she was doing enough for me~so he missed a spell~I was not able to get him back to the place of surgery for his third check up~as it was in another City~ thus far we have not had it done here yet either~I was coping with so much~they look okay and a Vet checked them when he goes in for his nails to be cut~yet I know a Specialist should see them~ do you think damage would have been done by missing drops ~probably nearly two months~ it must be for dryness~maybe this is not within your range ~ I guess the drops have to be done for life~he is not a cat that likes cuddling or will he sit on my knee~ he seems very independent~ I feel for him though~ as we had a large Country home and a big verandah where he could watch the birds and catch flies~I have not even seen a fly here yet in my Condo~ if he at least gets enjoyment from this night time ritual~then I am glad~one Vet said he was cleaning or making a nest sort of thing~which did not make sense~ would taking him from his mother too soon cause any of this~Martha

So sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. We lost my dad 4 years ago and it is still hard, sometimes. I know my mom continues to grieve. While she stays busy, I don't think the pain every really goes away.

So it is good that you have Prince to keep you company. At 3 years old I would expect him to sleep a fair amount and to be a bit less interested in toys. But it sounds like he likes to have interactive play with you, even if it is just a piece of straw, a feather, or something. Do you have a laser pointer for him? Some cats love to chase that red light! It can look a lot like a fly!

As far as his eyes, it doesn't sound like any harm was done missing those drops for several weeks. If his eyes look clear and he isn't squinting or tearing from them, I'm sure things are fine. Can you tell me what the drops are? I might be able to better determine if they need to be given long-term or if they were just for when his eyelashes were giving him problems.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am also sorry about your father~ I feel like I will never get over it and people tell me it will get easier~now hearing your story I am not so sure~I am glad to hear that cats are not as playful as they are older~I do have a laser~ he sleeps a lot and even when company comes~I wish then he would interact more and not want to bother me early in the Morning~to sort of give me a break~ I am very down and even playing with a Laser right now seems hard~I just keep him clean and combed and fed~ too many treats though~:-) The drops given are bought over the counter called Tear Gel and I think that they are for dryness~when he had his surgery he was on tons of different drops ~ even for pain at first~it was quite a ritual~he really had two problems~the sequestrian ulcers and then the eye lash surgery~we had to travel to have it done~ as we lived in a small area~the local Vet could take the eye lash stitches out~I honestly think the tear gel would be long term~thanks for caring~Martha~

My mom found joining a grief support group to be very helpful. At least it enabled her to talk to people going through the same thing she was. After 4 years they still get together monthly.

Like I said, as long as Prince's eyes currently look just fine, you probably don't need to continue doing the eye drops. Cats don't generally have "dry eye" like dogs, but while there was an ulcer and the lashes rubbing on the eye, the drops helped lubricate things and made it (maybe) a bit less painful. But it would be good to have his tear production checked again next time you have to take him to the vet.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Again~I think the Specialist said it would be for Life~as he can't make tears~ this is why I felt so badly in not telling my cousin~I may be wrong on this and when he gets his needles next week I shall get my son to ask the Vet what she thinks~he should be really checked by a Specialist and yet my going through a rough time losing my husband and being lonely and moving to another Province ~ to be near my son and only child~ has delayed poor Prince's care~he does not seem to be in discomfort though~


I did not join such a group ~ none was available where I lived and here I do not know anyone~I think I am in a depression and find it hard to even go out~ my son's wife is not nice to me either~although he is very helpful~does your Mom live alone and how old is she~I keep hoping the grief will heal~it seems some do fast and even go on to remarry~and seem happy once again~it is just a year for me~I live in a lovely Condo~ but miss my Country Home and former life in my Home Province~ gosh I am completely off subject here and am not talking about cats~did your Mom need any sleeping aids or medication~I hope I don't stay like this for four years and more~Martha~

Your regular vet should be able to do a Schirmer Tear Test on Prince to check his tear production. Do NOT put any artificial tears or drops in his eyes on the day you take him in. If his tear production is adequate, then you won't need to continue the drops.

Martha, my mom is 85 and living on her own. While she misses my dad, it has gotten easier; she just has some days where she thinks about him a lot. She keeps busy doing volunteer work, doing yoga, playing cards and other games, and helping at the "old folks" home. Getting out of the house and doing something for other people has helped a lot--she isn't one to stay at home and feel sorry for herself.

She occasionally takes an Ambien to sleep and I'm sure she used them more that first year after my dad died. She said the first year is the worst as every occasion is the "first without him." But each subsequent year is a little better.

Do get yourself a good doctor and consider an anti-depressant, if your doctor thinks it is appropriate. Find some volunteer activity that gets you out with people. Maybe a volunteer at the local animal shelter? Or if school is starting soon, maybe you could help out in a kindergarten classroom or something. Involvement in a church is good, too, if you are a religious type.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks so much for this information on your mother~ I feel quite hopeless in comparison to her 85 years and I am 68~ I developed a social phobia and yet I worked at a Bank for 30 years with no problems~ moving to a strange place did not help me either~I started an anti- depressant yesterday~ funny how you mentioned such a thing~ I am not Bipolar~ but my mother was and my brother and others~ so no Doctor ever wanted to put me on one because of my background~ a Psychiatrist on Line felt I could go on Wellbutrin~ it is a milder one and I take a bit of quietiapine~75 mg.~ which he felt would offset any Bipolar symptons I might develop~I hope it works and I feel weak having to resort to this~ but I want to do anything to get well again~I guess I can let on I am a Cat for this comment~:-) I am nervous living alone and taking medication ~is 12 pounds a good weight for Prince~another Vet said 11 pounds was better~ he weighed that the time of his surgery~ it was a big one to go through for the poor cat~plus he was so young and it was really a shame~

You can't judge a cat's weight strictly on poundage; like people they have different body frames. But a good weight cat should look lean and like a leopard. You should be able to feel ribs pretty easily, but not count each one or feel the spine prominently. There should be little to no paunch on the underside. If you can't feel ribs easily, you are feeding too much.

If you are feeding dry food, measure it out. He should be getting no more than 1/2 cup per day (could be less, depending on the brand). If you feed just canned food, then 1 - 5.5 oz size can is just about right for the day. I carry Slim Cat balls for feeding dry food. The cat has to push the ball around to get the kibble to drop out. So they get a little exercise and have "environmental enrichment" all at the same time.