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Cher, Feline Specialist
Category: Cat
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Experience:  Feline Healthcare & Behavior Specialist 40+ years Experience
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Can you tell me wwhy my cat is continually howling

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Can you tell me wwhy my cat is continually howling

Hello, Margaret and welcome!

My name is XXXXX XXXXX it will be my pleasure to assist you and Jai today.

I need to ask you a few questions to get a better idea of the situation before I send you my complete answer. After you reply, please allow me a short while to compose, type and send your answer. Thanks!

When did the howling first start?

Is Jai neutered?

Is he eating, drinking and eliminating as usual?

Is his behavior normal?

Does he seem to be in pain anywhere on his body?

Does he spend any time outdoors?

Thanks for all your additional detail.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes he is neutered and I can't say exactly when he started to howl but he has been doing it for some time. He is eating etc. but I have had to change his diet to vet's food recommendation because he is having kidney problems. His behavior is normal and he does not appear to be in any pain.

When he was younger he used to be outside a lot as were all my cats but they are nor kept indoors and have been for some years.By the way his age is 16-17 yrs.

Hi again, Margaret and thanks for your helpful reply.

I'm very glad to hear that Jai is an indoor-only cat now! : )

There could be various causes for Jai to be howling. There is a condition which older cats are more prone to develop called hyperthyroidism and one of the symptoms is hypervocalization, or 'talking', crying, howling excessively. Here is more information about Hyperthyroidism

Another cause for the howling could be that he is losing his hearing. When this happens, cats will vocalize excessively because their own voice sounds strange to them and they're 'testing' to see if it is really they who are 'talking'. In addition, there is a condition called Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome, which is similar to dementia, senility or Alzheimer's in aged humans. A cat can forget where he is, become confused and disoriented and howl because he's frightened and needs a human to get him out of the situation and back into an area he will recognize. Here is more detailed information about this condition for you to read: CDS

Even though he may not appear in pain, which is great, the only way to know if something is wrong, medically, is to have him evaluated in person by his vet. A routine senior blood panel including a thryoid test will provide more diagnostic tools for the vet.

Also, if he has had kidney problems which necessitated a change to prescription food, make sure he's drinking enough to flush out his urinary system and that he is urinating as usual and not exhibiting signs of a urinary blockage. These typically include going to the litterbox very often with only a few drops or nothing coming out, excessive licking of the gential area due to discomfort, and appearance of general illness like lethargy and vomiting. With male cats, we always have to be on the lookout for this type of thing which is considered a medical emergency.

If Jai seems alright within himself re: eating, drinking, eliminating, etc. that's great, but it would be a good next step to have him seen by his vet and get that lab work done, so you know more.

I hope all will be well with Jai!

If you need any additional information or clarification, simply 'Reply' back before rating and I will be happy to help with any follow up questions.

If you found my answer helpful, a Positive rating and Positive feedback on the survey, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Laughing

If you would like to request me to answer any new, future questions, please begin your post with "For Cher Only" and I will respond as soon as possible.

Warmest regards,
Cher and other Cat Specialists are ready to help you
Hi Margaret,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Jai. How is everything going?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Cher


Jai is much better now thanks. I have worked out a feeding plan for him and he seems to be getting along alright. Thank you very much for your help and if I need any more help I will get in touch.



Hi again, Margaret and you're most welcome!

Thanks very much for your positive update on Jai.

I'm so glad to hear he's doing much better now, and your new feeding plan seems to suit him better.

Yes, please feel free to get back in touch in the future for any other questions; just remember to begin your question with 'For Cher Only' and I will answer as soon as possible.

Warmest wishes to you and Jai,