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My 18 lb cat got two 5 mg doses of Prozac!

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My 18 lb cat has received a 5 mg dose of Prozac 2 days straight for behaivor/urination problems and is positively comatose for the two days now. I read online that the appropriate dose is .05 - 1mg (!) Is that lower range more appropriate for cats? Has been checked by a vet for any physical problems (none) and the vet prescribed 5mgs to calm him which I think is too much. The vet has said to go down to 2.5 mgs. Is there any long term damage from a dose that is really 5 - 10 times the recommended dose (the correct dosage by many accounts that I have read)? How long does it take for the 5mg dose to wash out to the recommended 0.5 - 1mg dose from the original 5mg's?


Also, have you had any experince with "Dumb Cat" products (spray) that remove urine stains from hardwood floors? They claim to do everything that Nature's Miracle and the usual suspects in pet stores are not able to do.....(and don't from my experience so far - including "home" remedies like vinegar, etc.)......Thanks!



I am sorry your kitty is having trouble with his prozac.


Is the prozac the first medication you have tried for the inappropriate urination?


Am I correct in understanding that he has only been on the prozac for two days?


Can you read me what the prescription bottle says in terms of tablet mg and dose instructions?


Is the prozac in tablet or capsule form?


What products have you tried to remove the urine from your home?


Standing by to help.....

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

First and only med


yes, two days - Wed and Thur


Give 1/2 tablet once daily - 10mg fluoxitine (Tabs)


Tried all home remedies like vinegar and then went to Nature's miracle, and other name brands in the store that my wife got at the pet store over the years.


But this "Dumb Cat" brand makes extrordinary claims and we just ordered some mail order with a UV light detector to identify urine spots.


(Main problem that we know of anyway is new hardwood floor in dining room that went unnoticed for a month or so (he was going under a vacuum cleaner left on the floor) and has stained the seams a dark color - the wood has warped upward at the edges it has been so throughly soaked...)


Main thing is that we will not let this cat go - he is our family member (we have no children) and we have always had cats our entire lives.


He and his sister (Jasmine) also on Prozac because we don't know who's responsible but suspect the agressor - Aladdin - that's why didn't mention - and she (Jasmine) is bouncing back but irritable probably from the withdrawl from the Prozac.


Just need to know how long the half life is for cats and when they will be down to about .5mgs which is where we should have started in the first place.


We need to look for signs of their personalities coming back since they are the most affectionate cats we have ever had.


Thank you!

Thank you for the additional information. In most cases, the accepted dose of prozac is around 0.5-1.0mg/kg when treating cats for inappropriate urination. An 18lb cat is 8.1kgs, and at the low end of the dosage range (0.5mg/kg) the kitty would get just over 4mgs (8.1kgs X 0.5mgs = 4.09mgs prozac). A 1mg/kg dose would be 8mgs of prozac (8.1kgs X 1.0mg = 8.1mgs prozac). So the 5mgs that your cat is receiving is actually correct and within the normal dosage range. That being said, your kitty is having side effects that are not desirable, and his dose will need to be adjusted. Jasmine's dose may also benefit from an adjustment as well, though from your description it sounds like she is not as affected. Some cats, like some people, are more sensitive to certain medications than others. It can take several weeks (2-4 is the typical from what I have read) for Prozac to clear the system completely after it is discontinued. However, the true half life of prozac is not really known in cats. In dogs and humans it is thought to be lengthy, and is dictated by the length of time the patient has been taking the medication. So the longer the treatment, the longer the half life. Most patients are weaned slowly off of a drug like prozac, though there is some differences of opinion as to the necessity of doing so. In humans, if prozac is suddenly discontinued, there are unpleasant side effects, like localized, zapping pains. There is no evidence that this occurs in either dogs or cats. Other experts feel that suddenly stopping prozac can cause an increase in the undesirable behavior that the medication is used to treat. BotXXXXX XXXXXne? Lots of fancy ways to say we don't know, but everyone has an opinion and theory (Cats always sort of do their own thing anyway, don't they?).


Studies have shown that some cats do become very sedate and less responsive after starting prozac. There is very little information on whether these symptoms decrease over time because once this happens, owners collaborate with their vets and the dose is usually lowered. It sounds like Aladdin is a sensitive kitty when it comes to Prozac, much more of a "cheap date" than his lady friend Jasmine. I think it would be a good idea to contact your vet Monday morning and find out if it is practical to lower the dose. I am not comfortable advising you to discontinue the prozac, because there is so much disagreement over whether this is healthy or not. My experience with prozac and cats was different, as these particular felines were on 3mgs/day and had none of the side effects that can typically occur.


As far as urine removers, I have always used Natures Miracle (has a money back guarantee) or a product called Urine off. When used in conjunction with a black light, I have not had the need for another product. Since the urine has gotten into hardwood flooring, you might find it very difficult to completely remove it all without pulling up the boards and the padding underneath. The saturation probably involves a larger area than you would expect, and you will have limited success until it is all gone. Black lights are great because you can see all of the urine, which of course makes it easier to clean.


You sound like you are very well versed about inappropriate elimination, but I am including a link on the subject just to be thorough. It gives basic information on typical causes, typical drugs used to manage the issue, and how to clean urine stains etc. It also gives some great tips (did you know that there should usually be one litter box per cat in the house?). Worst case scenario, you read up on some medications you may not have heard of.


I think I have addressed all of your questions. If I have not, or if you have further questions, please don't hesitate to let me know. Good luck with Aladdin and Jasmine :)

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Hi Ben,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Aladdin. How is everything going?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Aladdin is just not himself anymore - quite docile and as if has suffered trauma to the brain. Hope he comes out of it as he has a lovely personality. Jasmine has done better than Aladdin but is still suffering the effects of withdrawal with a little more agressiveness than is her personality.


We are taking them to another vet recommended to us from a trusted friend for a 2nd opinion on Friday armed with the link containing the list of medications and suggestions that you have kindly provided.


We view these two animals as members of the family and as of now, feel that they have been unjured in some way. Hopefully this type of medicating hasn't caused harm and taken away their lovely cat personalities that we have loved from the moment we recieved them from their foster home at age 6 months.


The wood floors will take care of themselves as of now. We have a good recommendation from a contractor who has worked with a floor specialist for a couple generations so we are fairly confident about that along with the "Dumb Cat" urine treatment that will be arriving by Friday.


Thanks so much for the follow up...


I will keep Aladdin and Jasmine in my thoughts. I hope that once the prozac is out of their systems they will be back to themselves.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank you for your help and thoughts in a time of distress for us