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I have a 3 1/2 year old siamese. Started out indoor only. At

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I have a 3 1/2 year old siamese. Started out indoor only. At 8 months old lost hair on his back, for about one month, it grew back rapidly. Now he is healthy weighs 13#, lean and muscular, plays.
He is a finicky eater. He sudnely stopped using cat box at 2 years old. No accidents. He is neutered and cried to go outside when he saw a "tom" through the window. I let him out!! Now he loses hair on his back and tail. Pulls it out. It does itch, but no lesions. He demands to go outside to use the bathroom. I tried cat attract litter and it worked for one weak. One vet said he has skin allergies and testing would be very high. No mites or fleas. He is on Revolution topical. My vet who hasn't seen him put him on Hills c/d, just in case of crystals. I give him mostly Fancy Feast and Omega suppliment. But his hair on his back is sparse. At one time his tail looked like a possium's. It grew back. I am baffled about the non -use of the litter box and the hair loss. I am 62 and live in the country. I have owned a few siamese and feral cats in the past and never had this happen. TYVM

Hello, Pam and welcome back to Just Answer!

My name is XXXXX XXXXX it will be my pleasure to assist you and Zeus today.

If you actually see him pulling out his hair, he may have an obsessive-compulsive disorder called feline psychogenic alopecia. This is typically treated by the vet with a steroid shot and sometimes anthistamines to help with itching/sensitive skin. Here is additional information:
Psychogenic Alopecia

Another possibility is food allergies, as your vet suggested, but the allergy may be to the protein source (meat) in the food. Several manufacturers make cat foods with alternative protein and carb sources, like venison and sweet potato, or lamb and sweet peas. Natural Balance and Royal Canin are two manufacturers who make these 'limited ingredients diet' foods (LID). Sometimes you can find them in your major pet supply store and some are only sold by vets.

If the vet is concerned re: possible crystals, Science Diet s/o is better than c/d. It actually dissolves existing crystals and prevents formation of new ones, so discuss this with your vet.

If the vet has not yet done a skin scraping for analysis, this would be a good next step.

If he likes going outside, make sure he's up to date on all his vaccinations and if he prefers eliminating outside, that's fine, as long as he doesn't eliminate outside the box in the house. Cat Attract is good, mixed with his regular litter and you can even try to fill his box with playground sand, if he likes that consistency better, like the sandy dirt outside. You can also spray some Feliway, a cat appeasing pheromone, around the edges of his box, but don't let him near it until it's completely dried, about 20 minutes. This should encourage him to use the box.

Make sure you have a proper fence or enclosure in your yard when you let him out, so he doesn't risk being hit by a vehicle, eating poison, or meeting up with a despicable human meaning to do him harm. If you allow him to roam, there is more risk of danger befalling him, so keep him closeby where you can see him, is safest for him.

I hope all will be well with Zeus!

If you need any additional information or clarification, simply 'Reply' back before rating and I will be happy to help with any follow up questions.

If my response has satisfied all your concerns, a positive rating and positive feedback on the survey would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Laughing

If you would like to request me to answer any new, future questions, please begin your post with "For Cher" and I will respond as soon as possible.

Thank you for entrusting your important question to Just Answer!

Warmest regards,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I just started usung Whisker City At Ease to spray on his bedding. It lasts for about 6 hours. It is wonderful and I notice the difference. I know about the hazards of outside. But all of my siamese cats in the past yearned to be outside. He is up to date with all vaccines and he is afraid of the big road. We live on a dead end street with wooded area ath the end. One last question: Is kibble bad for cat's digestive and renal health? Zeus loves Royal Canine Siamese formulas, but my vet wants him on Hills c/d for the sudden lack of litter box useas preventive measures.. I just cannot affor a workup which would end up in hundreds of dollars.That is all i have for now, Thank You Very Much, Pam

Hi again, Pam and you're most welcome!


Thanks for your helpful reply.

I'm so glad to hear you're already using a calming spray and it's doing the job!

Technically, high quality canned food is best for cats. Kibble is processed, and not something cats would eat in the wild. However, grain-free foods like Wellness, Wellness CORE, EVO, Blue Buffalo and many others available in your pet supply store (in both canned and dry) are healthiest. Yes, dry food is often blamed for urethral blockages (caused by crystals) and renal problems. However, crystals form in urine that is not acidic enough, so a food that has a good urinary pH number (it won't be on the label, but if you call the manufacturer they will tell you) which is between 6.0 to 6.5 is best to prevent crystals.

It really shouldn't be that expensive to at least have a urinalysis done so the vet can see if there are crystals in the urine and you can test the pH with sticks from your pharmacy, at home--one brand is Uristyx, I believe. As long as Zeus is not blocked, that's good, but he may have a urinary tract infection that needs to be treated. Since he's not in the house all the time, now, if he had a UTI or a blockage, he'd be running to the litterbox very often and nothing or just a drop would come out, so watch for that.

The following might help if you're in a financial bind: Care Credit

I hope Zeus will be fine!

Best regards,

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Hi Pamela J Harley,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Zeus. How is everything going?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

You have answered my question better than 8 months of enternet search.
Thank You Very much!!!!!! Pam

Hi again, Pam.

You are more than welcome! I'm so glad I was able to be helpful to you and Zeus and it was sincerely XXXXX XXXXX!


Your excellent rating and most generous bonus are both truly appreciated!

Please feel free to request me to answer any future questions by beginning your post with "For Cher Only".

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


PS: please disregard the request for additional informaiton, as this is simply a 'thank you'! : )