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Dr. Louis Gotthelf
Dr. Louis Gotthelf, Veterinarian
Category: Cat
Satisfied Customers: 2438
Experience:  35 years owning a dog and cat veterinary practice. President of an animal emergency clinic
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Dear Dr. Gotthelf,About a month ago, I asked about how to

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Dear Dr. Gotthelf, About a month ago, I asked about how to deal with a little blood on my cat's poop. You recommended higher fiber food and a little mineral oil, which have worked great! His poop looks normal, if a little dry, certainly better than the smelly, softer stools he was having with the EN food recommended by a novice vet. However, I neglected to ask when I could discontinue the mineral oil. People have begun the grisly stories of overuse/ using too long.


Would slippery elm bark be a good maintenance supplement for a cat who is hairball prone and has consequent issues? If not, I will just feed it to the boyfriend.


I'm Camille, and I’m a moderator for this topic. I sent your requested professional a message to follow up with you here, when they are back online.

If I can help further, please let me know. Thank you for your continued patience.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks so much!

I was quite foolish in not asking for the duration of the treatment.

Now that I am calmer, i also realize that some of the old ladies who think themselves experts do not know the difference between aspiration and merely sniffing something. It's true that mineral oil supplied by syringe can aspirate. I doubt, however, than the cat's sniffing his food will do anything to him.

Hi again,
am sorry for your long wait, I just sent the Dr a reminder that you are waiting, thank you very much for your continued patience:-)
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I did check the box that says it is not an emergency, so I don't expect any immediate response.

He's allowed to have a vacation now and then! : )

Hi. I'm Dr. Gotthelf. I have been a vet for 33 years and I would like to use my experience to help you with your pet's medical problem.

I am sorry for your wait, but I am in practice and it has been a very busy day. Yes, I agree that giving lots of mineral oil over a long period of time can cause some of the fat soluble vitamins to not absorb well. But the fallicy of that argument is that the most absorbtion of foods and vitamins are in the small intestine. The nutrients are getting absorbed but the mineral oil is not and it ends up in the large intestine where it allows the stool to become easier to pass. In 35 years of practice I cannot remember one constipated cat that was on mineral oil that got into any kind of trouble.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks so much for replying!

And I was aware that this is *not* an emergency, so I was not upset about waiting.

Just so that I am clear on this: giving my precious furry baby, who is 15 pounds of muscle and meow, a little mineral oil--say 1/2 teaspoon--a day will not cause poor absorption?(I am basically asking what "a lot" is.) How long can I do this?

He seems to be pooping about once a day, which is less than he was with the EN, and it's not as smelly or as yellow, nor is it as soft, so my guess is that he was at more risk of poor absorption of vitamins with the irritated GI tract.

I would use as little as possible and mix it with his food. The object is to prevent constipation, which has its own problems. You may need to do this daily or just use it two or three times per week. Using a small amount of the mineral oil as possible should balance too much with daily bowel movements. This will need to be continued from now on to help keep things moving.
Dr. Louis Gotthelf, Veterinarian
Category: Cat
Satisfied Customers: 2438
Experience: 35 years owning a dog and cat veterinary practice. President of an animal emergency clinic
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