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Cher, Feline Specialist
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We have a cat approx 19 years old she is very skinney eats

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We have a cat approx 19 years old she is very skinney eats loads of wet food drinks a moderate amount of fluids and sleeps alot. We had nearly every test we could get done on her a few months ago and the Vet said given her age all her organs are good some stiffness creeping in and a bit of decay on a tooth but apart from that she's is remarkable condition for her years. However she is now meowing constantly - she's fed (eating hugh amounts of food this is why we went to the vet in the first place), watered and let outside (although she very rarely ventures outside now) Someone (not trained) said that she could be going senile?? Is this a possibility or is there other avenues to explore?

Hello, Neil and welcome to Just Answer!

My name is XXXXX XXXXX it will be my pleasure to assist you and Bailey today.

I'm sorry Bailey is having this trouble.

Did she have complete blood work done, including a thyroid panel?

Thanks for all your additional detail.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes she had everything done especially thyroid and been cleared

Hi again, Neil and thanks for your prompt and helpful reply.

Ok, great, I'm glad the thyroid was tested, as the symptoms you describe could be due to hyperthyroidism. Sometimes, various different thyroid tests need to be done to find if the thyroid is not functioning properly, so ask your veterinarian about this.

The constant meowing may be due to two other problems if she does not have hyperthyroidism; one is the senility or 'dementia' you mentioned, which older cats are more prone to develop. If she is confused or disoriented as to her whereabouts, she may panic and that's why she's crying. Another thing to consider is a loss of hearing. Some older cats who have diminished hearing will meow all the time because their own voice sounds strange to them or they can't hear it at all.

Here is some information on CDS or Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (dementia/senility) in cats:

Discuss with your vet if she can be given medication used for this condition, to help with her symptoms.

I hope all will be well with Bailey!

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Warmest regards,
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

This all seems to fit in with what we (she) are experiencing - I have said numerous times that I thought she was not hearing us when we called her.


I will read your links and then speak to the Vet - if she's going or is deaf then this could no doubt stress her out more and then make her poorly - if it's dementia then that's not good either.


Thank you for your help

Hi again, Neil and you're most welcome!

It's my pleasure to be of help to you and Bailey and your excellent rating is truly appreciated.

I'm glad you will check these possibilities out further, with your vet and yes, while neither condition is good news, as long as she is well within herself, medication may help (with the dementia) and she will eventually adapt to her loss of hearing or diminished hearing.

I hope things will work out well for Bailey! You are a very astute cat-parent! : )

Best regards,