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New to cat ownership. Vet visit was three-days ago with a

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New to cat ownership. Vet visit was three-days ago with a clean bill of health.

Three-month old kitten is sleeping a lot (normal?), running around and playing (normal?), drinking water (normal), peeing and pooping (minimally), but refusing semi-raw diet that breeder was feeding him. He will eat small amounts of kitten kibble but not too much. Seems to want to sit in my lap a lot.

Tonight he has a warm, dry which has paled from normal bright pink. Should I contact the vet again?
Welcome! I would be happy to assist you. I am a 2003 graduate from UC Davis and a Medical Director of a veterinarian practice.

Don't forget, I will do everything possible to provide a timely and detailed response, but sometimes it can be difficult to fully answer all questions. You can always select "reply to expert" if you need further clarification or more information, prior to providing a rating.

I am sorry to hear about this concern for Quinn.
A few points to cover since the question has multiple parts.

Let's start with sleeping a lot. That can be perfectly normal, as long as quite active and alert when awake.

The semi-raw diet I do not encourage anyway. To many problems with contamination issues. If willing to eat the kitten kibble that is perfectly fine. There are some new controversies about feeding kibble, and that cats should only be on all canned diet. AT this time, there is nothing to support that position. If the appetite does not improve on the kibble, either its the kibble, or perhaps there is a systemic illness that will need to be addressed.

A dry nose can intermittently be perfectly fine. The warmth is almost impossible to evaluate since a cat and dog's core temperature is normally above ours.

To help determine if a fever may exist, I suggest getting a digital rectal thermometer and taking a rectal temperature. Anything over 102.0 is concerning, but over 103.0 warrants emergency attention.

A complete loss of appetite and/or thirst would also warrant more immediate examination.

Yes, even if he improves, I would still notify your vet of your concerns since they just examined Quinn.

Also, they gave a clean bill of health, but if they have not completed the following it should be done.

1. A repeat deworming
2. A fecal test is a must!!!!

Bring in a fresh poop sample to the veterinarian. Ideally, within a few hours. Request that it be sent “OUT” to the laboratory instead of being looked at in the hospital (more accurate that way). We are not interested in only worm eggs, but also checking for the very common microscopic bugs like giardia and coccidia. These types of parasites will not be cured with over-the-counter dewormers. Giardia can also be difficult to identify on routine fecal tests, so ask your vet if they always add a “giardia elisa” to the fecal test.

So, it is possible he could be sick, but the nose is of less concern than the change in appetite.

Hope that information has been helpful.
Please remember to select REPLY TO EXPERT if for any reason you need further clarification, have more questions, or were expecting a different type of answer. My goal is to provide the best answer possible prior to you leaving a feedback rating.
Dr. Andy
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I hope everything is going okay. May I be of any further assistance?