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Candy R.
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Hello! I have an 11 year old male cat who has been having

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I have an 11 year old male cat who has been having appetite problems and on and off vomiting. He can no longer eat his dry food and only eats very small amounts of canned food at a time. I took him in for some blood work and an x ray. His blood work came back normal but they found a mass in his stomach on the x ray, along with some thickening of the stomach. He was diagnosed with lymphoma and put on Prednisolone to try and buy him some time. Is it possible to have feline lymphoma and have no blood irregularities? He really has no other symptoms besides the vomiting/lack of appetite so I'm having a hard time believing it's cancer. Do you think I should have an ultrasound done to eliminate any slight possibility that this could be a hairball or other obstruction? Please help, I love my kitty!
Thank you!
Hello,I am so sorry to hear that a mass was found on Monti's x ray.

Yes it is possible for them to have intestinal lymphoma and have no changes in the blood work, and is in fact most often the case.

It would be very rare for a hair ball to be confused with a mass, however an ultra sound would allow for a better view of what is going on.

If your vet suspects lymphoma it would also be a good idea to consult with a veterinary oncologist to see if there is other treatment that may be beneficial for him. It is estimated that cats treated only with pred have a survival time of 45-60 days where as other protocols and treatments such as chemo yield a better longer outcome. THe following link will give some good information on intestinal lymphoma and possible treatments Link

I hope this helps give you some additional options to discuss with your vet. Please reply back if you have additional questions or need more clarification and I will be more then happy to continue.
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Hi Amanda,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Monti. How is everything going?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Candy!


Monti is doing very well! He's reacting well to the Predisolone and he has quite the appetite! You wouldn't even know anything was wrong with him by the way he's been acting. We discussed chemo treatments but decided it wouldn't be in his best interest to put him through the treatment. He gets extremely stressed at his appointments. Thank you again for your feedback and I hope Monti does well for as long as possible!


Thanks Again,


Thank you so much for the update. I am happy to hear that Monti is responding well to the Predisolone and that he is eating and acting well. That is the best that we can hope for. I completely understand about not doing the chemo. I made the same decision with one of my own kitties a few years ago.

GIve him a good head scratch from me and tell him I hope he continues to feel good for a long time.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I will! Thank you!!