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Hello, my cat was bit in the center of his front paw 7 days

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Hello, my cat was bit in the center of his front paw 7 days ago today. I waited 2 days before taking him to the vet. He has held his paw up every since the bite.

My vet inserted a drain and we left that in for 3 days. He had a fever of 103.2 before the drain. No fever now.

He returned home and I removed the drain 3 days later. I am assuming they also gave him antibiotics, in fact they did, I am sure.

My concern/question is that how long are we looking at for a normal recovery time and reusing the paw and putting the foot down?

He is eating and drinking and hopping about normally. The paw is not swollen nor is it abscessing or dose it seem to be holding fluid.

Lastly, the bottom of his paw is peeling/exfoliating a bit I assume from not being used for a while.
I want to make sure my vet is not overlooking any possibility's.

Thank you in advance-

Theresa :

If it has been this long and he has not put his foot down it is time for an xray to see if there are any fractures just to be on the safe side. You are right about the paw pad peeling though, this is from lack of weight bearing movement as the ground would continually exfoliate the pads and this is why you don't see it on other cats. I wouldn't give him more than a couple more days. The wholes where the drain was placed will still need to seal up so that can take another couple of days and hopefully his pain we decrease by this time. If not contact your vet. He may want to try pain medication first like an anti inflammatory or have him evaluated for a possible fracture.

Customer: Thanks you for the information.
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Hello. I was wondering how Shugg is doing? Has he tried to start walking yet?