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Doctor Jeff
Doctor Jeff, Cat Veterinarian
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I have a new ragdoll kitten- she is 15 weeks old and has just

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I have a new ragdoll kitten- she is 15 weeks old and has just been desexed. I'm worried about her excessive meowing: she is eating and using litter normally and is happy when I'm cuddling her or when she is playing. She has developed a bit of redness around her stitches an a bit of a lump around the area. My sister says this is normal for this type of operation but I'm not sure whether to get it checked by the vet? She sounds sad and I just want to make her happy! She doesn't shrink away or meow when I touch the operated area. She seems to be moving normally. Is she scared or in pain?
Hi, I am Dr. Jeff. I will try to help you. Please feel free to follow up if any more information is needed. The redness and bump is probably not a concern at this point as it is probably a slight reaction to the sutures that are under the skin. If you note pus, an erosion, discomfort, etc from the area, then a vet visit is probably warranted.
As for the vocalization, this could be a little anxiety from the experience, but keep in mind she is rather young. This could be her developing personality. As she matures, you may find that she is an attention seeker. I do not think I would do anything about the meowing at this point and see if it does not mellow over the coming weeks. Certainly, keep an eye on the spay incision and he eating/drinking/peeing/pooping habits.
There is no home remedy I can offer at this time. I hope this helps and gives you direction.
Dr. Jeff
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for this- I catch her on occasion nibbling at the stitches but there are no erosions/pus just a litle bruising and a lump. She hasn't opened them up or anything so not sure whether she needs a cone or anything...? Generally normal kitty behaviour maybe just a drama queen??

Drama queen is very possible in this breed. Remember, it is impossible to mold the personality of a cat. As for the incision, you can try a very thin layer of neosporin or cortaid on the red areas around it. This may calm it down enough to prevent licking. In the end, a little licking is not a big deal, but if she is constantly at it, get the E collar. I hope this helps.
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Hi Kayla,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Lily. How is everything going?

Doctor Jeff
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi Doctor Jeff, Lily still has a lump at the site of the operation but the redness and bruising has disappeared...the licking and pulling at the stitches seems lesser and doesn't seem to be disturbing them... The meowing has lessened though it does seem that she might be a bit of a talker
I would expect the incision to continue to improve. Good Luck!!