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Hello! I had a question about my 2-year-old sibling cats,

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Hello! I had a question about my 2-year-old sibling cats, Nugget and Biscuit... Twice, I have found what look to be long, flat, white worms with raised circular bumps on them about every cm or so. They have been found on the floor by themselves, not vomit or regurgitation was with it. I have looked at both of their stool and around their anuses, and have not found the white, rice-like segments usually associated with tapeworms. I will come home sometimes to find regurgitated food near their bowls or on the floor. Both of them seem to have normal appetites. My one cat, Nugget, however seems to be losing weight. I am concerned that they have a parasite and I am looking for a way to treat them without having to go to the vet (OTC medication??) as I really do not have the extra money right now. If it is serious, I will certainly find a way to take them, but if it is something minor and can be treated at home, that would be wonderful! Thank you!!
Hi there and thank you for your question. I am a licensed veterinarian and would be happy to assist you. This sounds like a tapeworm. Many times you will not see tapeworm segments near the anus or you may only see them intermittently. Just to be safe, I would go to a pet store and buy a basic dewormer and give that to both cats, and then I would also buy the tapeworm dewormer and give that to both of them, too. If you still find worms, then you can drop off a stool sample at a local vet clinic for analysis. Most vet clinics will allow you to have the stool analyzed for parasites without bringing the cats in and without paying an office call. Hope this helps! Best of luck.
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