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Dr. Hinson, Cat Veterinarian
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My 3 year old cat has had 2 stone surgeries this year, 1 in

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My 3 year old cat has had 2 stone surgeries this year, 1 in March (struvite only), then

another in April (2 missed stones from first surgery and one was a urate stone).

We took him to a specialty clinic in May for the urate stone to see if he had a liver shunt,

but the contrast CT was inconclusive, so we could not justify a 3-4k surgery.
He was on K/D wet food after this visit.

Until August, he was great, no issues. Then he started to struggle to emtpy. He was peeing,

but not in the littler box, telling us he was not OK. Turns out no stones, just sediment from

his bladder was starting to irritate his penis. They cathed him, rinsed his bladder with

steroids, then he was good.

Now November, he is bad again, this time, no stones, but crystals (struvite) + sediment with

dripping urine (no stream). Did the cath again and was good. We had him on antibiotic and Phenoxybenzamine for bladder spasm.
We switched him to C/D wet food due to struvite crystals. And now (2 weeks later) he was

completely blocked with sediment for the first time (no stones in xray), zero urine emptying. We unblocked him, and they cleared the sediment from his penis and now he is on steroids, phenoxybenzamine and clavamox.

curve ball- he still has high bile acids and enzymes hence the urate stone earlier this year,

but has zero symptoms of liver problems - totally fine only thing in his urine is struvite

crystals. Now that we have him on C/D food, we realize that can aggravate and make the urate

stone problem return.

Question -
1. He has only been FULLY blocked 1 time, this time. Should we jump to the PU surgery right

away? Or try S/D food first? I never heard of S/D food until today with this new vet, and I

am really unsure what to do!?!?
This would help his current problem with Struvites, not liver.
2. If we take the C/D - alternating S/D approach, can we put him on Liver medicine to help

with that problem area? Or since he has zero symptoms except it showing up in his blood test,

should we not do anything?
I cannot justify the shunt surgery since the test earlier this year was inconclusive and it seems his problem is microscopic and probably cannot be fixed anyway.
3. How can we treat both issues?
Thanks for your help!

Dr. Hinson : Welcome to Just Answer! I'm Dr. Hinson and I'd like to help you with your question.
Dr. Hinson : Yes. I would do the PU surgery ASAP.
Dr. Hinson : There is NO guarantee that any diet is going to keep him free of crystals. The PU surgery will definitely keep him from getting blocked again. It will NOT keep him from making bladder stones though so he will likely need to be on a special diet anyway to hopefully HELP prevent crystal/stone formation (again no guarantee on that).
Dr. Hinson : You can put hiim on the liver medication regardless of what diet he is on or whether or not he has surgery.
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