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Why would my cat suddenly pee on the bed if nothing has changed

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Why would my cat suddenly pee on the bed if nothing has changed and his litterbox is clean? He's done it twice in two days, and both times right in front of me when I was in the bed. He hasn't done this in a couple years, and again, nothing's changed.
Hello,I am sorry to hear Sabre is having some trouble.

Other then urinating on the bed has there been any changes such as change in appetite, weight loss, vomiting etc?

Is his litter box in the same place with the same type of litter?

Any stray cats in the area?

Does he go outside?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Did you get my reply? I typed it and hit Reply to Expert, but I don't see it on the screen. Let me know if you got it.
No I apologize it did not come through
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Damn! Ok, here we go again.

No other problems, but he does vomit occasionally. However, he's done that for years. I believe it only occurs when he eats dry food too fast or too much. Since it's so sporatic and there's no blood in it I didn't figure it was a medical issue. I guess you can tell me different. He usually only vomits with dry food, not his tuna I feed him twice a day. The dry food is grazing food.

Same litter box, same litter. When he did it the first time a couple days ago, I checked the boxes, there are four of them, and they needed cleaning but not too bad. So I scooped them. I then scooped them the next night as well, but he pee'd for a second time on my bed about an hour after I scooped them last night. So today I cleaned the entire area, floor, litter boxes, everything, and replaced with all new litter. The boxes have had the same level of cleanliness for months, so I didn't see that being the problem, but I was just covering my bases by being thorough.

He does not go outside ever. There is a stray cat in the area, but he's been around for years (I actually buy him food, my parents sort of adopted him years ago, so I still feed him, but he never comes inside.) They have sniffed each other through the screen door, but not recently.

Hope this helps

Sorry about that there must be some problems with the site but thank you for retyping.

There are several reason for urinating out of the box and the first thing you want to do is rule out any medical problems especially if this is a sudden behavior.
Some of the most common medical causes are

* Urinary tract infection, crystals in the urine or other urinary problems. It is not uncommon to see them urinate on soft or cool surfaces when there is any type of pain during urination. They often see the litter box as the cause of the pain so they will seek other areas.Cystitis is also a common problem in cats. This is inflammation of the bladder not caused by infection.In a male cat urinary tract infections and crystals in the urine can result in complications such as a blocked urethra resulting in them unable to urinate. This can be a life threatening situation and while I in no way think this is the problem no infection and crystals can lead to this so must be ruled out.
Click here for more information
Here is more

* Kidney Disease. The leading cause of death in cats is kidney disease. Normally this problem is not diagnosed until the later stages of this disease. When one kidney begins to fail the other kidney over compensates and we may not see changes in the blood work until 75% of kidney function is lost. When this is the problem you may see weight loss, increased drinking and urination, vomiting, loss of appetite constipation and lack of grooming with a dull hair coat. This can also cause hind end weaknessHere is a great video that covers this condition extensively

* Diabetes. With this we will normally see excessive drinking, urinating, increased appetite and weight loss. Left untreated this can cause nerve damage in the hind legs.

While I would not expect to see problems with the kidneys or diabetes in such a young cat especially with no other signs , however it is worth mentioning

You need to clean any areas outside the box where there has been urine If the urine soaked through to the mattress then cleaning with an enzyme based clearer is needed to completely remove any traces of smell or he may continue to use this spot.
Natures Miracle and urine off seem to work the best on cat urine,
Here is a link to these products

I would start with a trip to the vet to have a urinalysis done. Only after a medical problem is ruled out can we look at this has behavioral. If all medical causes are ruled out then please let me know by coming back to this thread and we can go over some things for behavioral problems.All follow up is free of charge

I hope this helps, please reply back if you have additional questions
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks for the response, but it pretty much leaves me in the same boat. I already planned to visit the vet to explore urinary infections, so that's a given, but since I didn't mention it I understand why you suggested it and I thank you.

The problem I have which has not been answered is HOW he's doing it? Meaning, no other urinations anywhere else in the house except the two incidents, ON MY BED, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. Not during the day when I'm not in my bedroom, but when I'm in the bed. And he knows it's wrong cuz as soon as he does it and see's me start to react he bolts. I think he remembers me punishing him for it when he did it a couple years ago.

I do have to make one suggestion. I would not recommend Natures Miracle. I have used it and it sucks, and my pet store agrees with me. they've had many complaints that it didn't work. It really did not remove the odor. I have had the best luck with Unique Natural Products, their web site is It really seems to remove any trace of the smell. Just a suggestion.

Ok. I understand the frustration that I can not give you a for sure answer but until UTI is ruled out we can not consider it behavioral. You say nothing at all has changed, knowing that, there is nothing that would lead me to believe that this is behavioral. Now if you had recently went out of town , or had company, other pets in the home etc then I would have gone in that direction.
If you have had a change in schedule or other things that could have upset him then you would want to try things such as Feliway plug in to reduce anxiety or things like composure treats.

As for the Natures Miracle I am sorry you have not had good success with this many of our client rave about this product and in all honesty you are the first person who has said this did not work. We have tried the Unique Natural products and actually got this free to try from a rep and it did not remove tom cat smell in the clinic which is why we now use the urine off which does work for us. You have to use what works for you .
Candy R. and other Cat Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

FYI, on the previous problem, I held off on bringing him to the vet, I wanted to see how he reacted to me totally cleaning the litter box area and boxes. He had pee'd on the bed the previous 2 nites, but the last two nights since I really cleaned the area he has not pee'd on the bed, so I'm "waiting and seeing" before bringing him to the vet. I don't even know how they would put test for a uti unless they put in a catheter or something. Anyway, so far so good. As for the second question, I mentioned that he's thrown up for years periodically, and it seems like it's when he eats dry food too fast or too much. Could this be a more serious problem? Or is this normal? Again, he's done it for years and he seems by all accounts to be a very healthy cat.


Optional Information:
Pet's Gender: Male
Pet's Age: 4
Name of Cat: Sabre

Already Tried:
Nothing, it's just something he's done for years.

Yay I am glad to hear you have had no more problems with him going on the bed.Please do not hit accept again as you have already done so

As for the vomiting. This is not an uncommon problem and often happens because they eat to fast or in some cases if there is a dental problem that results in them not chewing the food well.
If this happened all the time then I would be worried that this could be due to a medical problem or even an intolerance to something in the food.
In some cases going to a grain free food or if eating to fast using one of the food bowls designed to slow eating such as the ones seen here
Some cats will vomit with dry food but do better with canned so you could also try feeding more canned food.
Unfortunately in many cases cats will vomit as my vet says just because they can. As long as the weight is good and it is not a daily thing I would not be too concerned