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Dr. Hinson, Cat Veterinarian
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I took my cat to vet and it turned out she had a yeast infection

Resolved Question:

I took my cat to vet and it turned out she had a yeast infection in her ear. When giving her the antibiotics I missed one of the ten days. About 2 months or so later it came back. I had antibitoics left over so I gave them to her for the entire 10 days again. This was about 2 months ago but I think the infection is coming back. I have cat/dog ear cleanser so I cleaned out her ear yesterday but what exactly could be going on? Could it be something serious?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Dr. Hinson replied 5 years ago.
Welcome to Just Answer! I'm Dr. Hinson and I'd like to help you with your question.

Is Lola an indoor only cat?

Any changes recently in environment or diet?

Any other symptoms?

Just one ear?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
she's indoor only. Had her since she was 6months. No changes to environment. I have been giving her and other cat (who is totally fine) wet food for the last about 4 months. She does not exhibit any other symptoms and yes just one ear. the other one is squeaky clean
Expert:  Dr. Hinson replied 5 years ago.
Well unfortunately it sounds like something more may be going on......

Is she scratching the ear?

Any foul odor coming from the ear?

When you originally took her to the vet for this issue did they look down into her ear with an otoscope?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I noticed her scratch it once and thats when I checked because I knew that scratch. I used to let her drink out of the bathroom faucet and thats how she originally got the infection. I don't remember what the vet did exactly. When I took her in I thought it was ear mites so they ran that test first and thats when she told me it was a yeast infection. I think she took a swab and ran a test.
Expert:  Dr. Hinson replied 5 years ago.
OK. Well I would take her back to the vet for a recheck exam. Make sure they get a good look inside the ear canal with an otoscope. You want to make sure there are no masses in there and that the ear drum is intact. It certainly could be a yeast infection but usually those clear up pretty easily. I'd be worried about something more significant.

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