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ERAnimalNurse, Emergency Critical Care Nurse
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My cat had gotten an abscess ob her back near her tail (probably

Customer Question

My cat had gotten an abscess ob her back near her tail (probably a fight) about a week ago. At first, it just felt like a bump or bruise the area was slightly sensitive to the touch. After a couple of days, I looked at it closely to see how it was doing and it became clear that it was an abscess and had opened up leaving a fairly large and deep open wound. Not having any money at the time, I waited for a couple of days.Trying to clean it with peroxide occasionally and keeping an eye on it and it clearly started to heal. Now it looks like it's healing quite well and I thought she was in the clear, but just a few minutes ago I noticed that she is drooling excessively and sits in a crouch position when she's up and about and definitely does not feel well. The vet is not open at this time and I am worried for her. What if anything should/can I do right now until tomorrow when I can take her to get looked at (and that's if I can afford it.)?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  ERAnimalNurse replied 5 years ago.



I am sorry your kitty is having so much trouble :(.


when was the last time you applied peroxide to the wound?


Was she acting normally this morning?


Was she outside today?


Has she vomited?


Are her pupils dilated? Equally sized?


When was the last time she ate?


Let me know and I will try to help....

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
It was a few days ago that I lightly cleaned the wound last. She went out early this morning and returned later in the morning. Thinking about it now she was drooling when she returned but I thought maybe she had gotten into something messy (maybe ran through a puddle or something, wasn't identifying it as drool). Otherwise she seemed to be acting normal. It was just a little while ago when she came out of the bedroom that I noticed the drool (a little worse than this morning now) and she shows signs of not feeling well like crouching and bristleing her fir and meowing with just her lips (no sound, like shes weak) and she's very responsive to affection (she normaly only receives affection on her own terms). She was vomiting last week a little but hasn't for a few days now and not today either. Her pupils are even and normal sized but seem to respond slowly to light. I just tried to feed her a couple of her favorite treats in bed where she seems intent on staying now. But she just kind of pitifully licked and mouthed them so she is definitely having trouble even eating something she wants. Does that narrow it down some? Thanks for getting right back to me.
Expert:  ERAnimalNurse replied 5 years ago.

Thank you for the additional information. Cats drool for several reasons, one of which can be because they are nauseated. When nauseated, cats are not likely to eat. Now for the tricky part: IF your kitty is drooling because she is nauseated, what is causing the nausea? This list of possibilities is very long, and the chances that I might luck into naming the exact cause are slim to none. Nevertheless, your kitty could have been exposed to or gotten into something while outside, or she could have any number of illnesses that are responsible. This current problem may be completely unrelated to the abscess, but I asked about the last time you treated her with peroxide because it is known to cause nausea and vomiting if ingested.


More frustrating than my inability to tell you what is wrong with your kitty is the fact that you cannot do anything to help her at home. She does need to see a vet, and it should be soon. Given the time, regular vets are indeed closed. However, there should be an animal emergency clinic (hopefully) nearby. It's important to remember that cats instinctually hide illness. You are seeing very obvious signs, and that can mean your kitty has been feeling a little off for longer than you think. The longer she goes without medical attention, the more difficult and expensive it will be to get her well again because symptoms compound the longer they are unmanaged. Cats are pretty sensitive, particularly when they feel so poorly that they cannot or will not eat. They are susceptible to complications involving their liver if they are not taking in enough calories. Force feeding a nauseated kitty is not a good idea, so you definitely need help from a vet.


I understand that finances are tight, but she really does need to be seen. Depending on your situation, you might qualify for care credit, which is a low interest credit card that can be used towards veterinary care. You can apply on line at the website below.


If that is not an option and you cannot have her seen by an emergency vet, pick up all food and water, and contact your local humane society or SPCA tomorrow and inquire about low cost animal hospitals in your area.


I hope she feels better soon and that nothing too serious is going on with her.....

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
So even if she isn't vomiting she may just be nauseated? And I was thinking the same thing, that it could be unrelated since the infection seems to be healing pretty well (just a scab and getting smaller every day now). Watching her it almost seems like maybe she has a tooth ache too because she's kind of holding her mouth open a little. I plan on taking her to the vet first thing in morning for sure. ...Just called the emergency vet in town and they are pretty expensive. I'll check out the the care credit thing right now. Thanks.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
AWWAA. I just typed a whole bunch and hit the wrong button. Anyway, what I had asked was... So it might be that she could be just nauseated and not vomiting? Also, could it be a tooth ache as it kind of looks like she's holding her mouth open a little? And I just called the emergency vet and they are expensive so thanks for the link. I'm checking it now and if I can't get the price down I'll try and take her to a regular vet tomorrow. ...Do you perhaps have any parting advice you can help me with?
Expert:  ERAnimalNurse replied 5 years ago.

Yes, she can be nauseated even if she's not vomiting. Since she is drooling and holding her mouth open, she may have been injured; cats that go outside and come back like this sometimes have broken jaws, resulted from being hit by car or otherwise injured. Of course, this might not be her issue, and it is important to try and have her seen ASAP wherever you can.


I'll submit this response as an info request so that you are not prompted to pay again.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ok, thanks for your help. I felt around her jaw and she didnt seem too gaurded. I'm taking her in tomorrow morning for sure. She's up and about again and doesn't seem lathargic. It seems more and more like something with her mouth (jaw, tooth ? something.). Could you be available for follow up after I pay the fee? In case anything changes while I'm waiting for my ride in the morning (another reason I can't go right now, my car broke down 3 days ago and I wont have a replacement until monday). In any case thanks again. This service has helped me a lot, your great. Have a good night. :)
Expert:  ERAnimalNurse replied 5 years ago.
I'm definitely available for follow up. You can send me a response through this thread and I will respond as quickly as i can. I hope she is feeling better this morning.