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ERAnimalNurse, Emergency Critical Care Nurse
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cat: appetite..antibiotic..put a litter box back indoors

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My 4 year old neutered male came in a few weeks ago on a weekend and was very lethargic, heavy breathing, no appetite, appeared very sick for about 48 hours. A few days later I took him to the vet and went through a 10 day clindacure antibiotic treatment. The cat seems fine now other than: He is obsessed with eating, he will not go out of the house (he use to be in and out/we have a cat door) He refuses to go out to use the bathroom and we had to put a litter box back indoors. His entire personality has changed! If I put him out he just lays in front of the front door. He seems like he has amnesia! He is very inactive. He has just now become audible again and his meow doesn't even sound as it did before. It's as if he is mimicking a couple of my other cats. My other cats will hiss at him and avoids him altogether, making the household very tense. What could be wrong with my cat?



I am sorry your kitty is not feeling well.


When he was seen by his vet, were any tests (blood, urine, x-rays) run?


Did your kitty have any injuries?


Did your vet give you any kind of a diagnosis as to what may have caused his original symptoms?


Let me know and I will try to help....

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
There were no tests done. He was feeling better by the time I got him to the vet. Therefore, the vet did say that his breathing was a little labored and that he was at that time not running a fever and thought it might just be a cold with congestion. There were no injuries to our knowledge. He was papitated for urinary blockage and all seemed ok.

The antibiotics were prescribed as a 'just in case' measure then?


Do you think your kitty has lost weight?


Any coughing or sneezing?


Bloody nose? Blood in urine? Diarrhea?


Standing by to help........

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I assume antibiotics were just that since the cat was eating and drinking by the time I took him and had already improved.

Has gained weight - too much weight. He will eat constantly if allowed.

No, No, No

Thank you so much for your patience with all of my questions. There are quite a few things that might be causing the symptoms you are seeing in your kitty. Since he is still not himself, it is time to go back to the vet. At this point, blood and urine tests may need to be done, along with some x-rays to determine what is going on. Typically an increase in appetite can indicate an illness like hyperthyroidism, but cats with this illness lose weight and don't gain. If the weight gain is mostly in the belly it can indicate that there is a mass in the abdomen, or a hematoma from trauma. Your kitty may have ingested a toxin while out roaming, rat bait for instance, could lead to a distended abdomen and labored breathing. Your can could have alot of other things going on too. Nothing fits 100% with the history you provide, and a physical exam with diagnostic tests will be necessary to get a diagnosis and start treatment. Cats instinctually hide illness, and can be pretty sick once they are showing obvious signs. The best thing to do is have him seen by a vet ASAP. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Best of luck with your kitty, I hope he feels better soon and that nothing too serious is going on.
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