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Lynn, Veterinary Assistant
Category: Cat
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Experience:  worked at a vet clinic for 18 yrs, BA in biology, experience with cats for 20+ years
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Can you tell me anything about Astros CRF Oil.

Resolved Question:

Can you tell me anything about Astro's CRF Oil.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Lynn replied 5 years ago.

Does your cat have chronic renal failure?


What else are you currently doing for him (diet, medications, etc.)?



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Just antibiotics, plenty of water and he eats some but is weak. I hear that CRF oil can be helpful. I orderered some online but have not received it yet.
Expert:  Lynn replied 5 years ago.



I do know some about the oil, but haven't personally used it. It certainly isn't going to hurt your cat, and so I would go ahead and try it.


Its also important for cats with renal failure to get plenty of fluids, and for this reason if you feed a dry cat food I would recommend switching to or at least supplementing with canned. Its also important to use a food with a high quality protein source and low levels of phosphorus. Here is a page that tells this information on many different canned cat foods:


If your cat doesn't improve soon you might want to consult your vet about routinely administering fluids, and a prescription supplement called Azodyl. We have had good results with this at the clinic I work at. Here is a page about it:


If you have further questions let me know. If this answer is helpful please click accept. Thank you and best wishes.



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