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Dr Pete
Dr Pete, Cat Veterinarian
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Experience:  Bachelor of Veterinary Science (University of Melbourne, Australia)
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A new question is answered every 9 seconds is Norway !--My 19 years old small female cat,(

This answer was rated: is Norway !--My 19 years old small female cat,( always bin a bit nervous): I took her to vet here because her fur started twisting and dotting,now nearly all over her.
Vet took blood sample and concluded hypothyreosis..and ordered thiamazole 5 mg x1 a day.
Problem: she has stopped eating, and reject the small tablet FELIMAZOLE VET in any way
even when crushed. Her eyes seem to be retracted, over the last months.
The question is what more can I try, is there anything more I possible I can do fore her?..She is brushed at least twice a day and she is still drinking small amounts of fresh water. As far as i can see she does not suffer in any way. I am really concerned about the whole condition.--Yes she is really 19 years of age !!....


Can I ask you a few questions first

  1. Just to make sure that you meant hyperthyroid not hypothyroid. Overactive thyroid (hyperthyroid) is a common problem in aged cats and the usual treatment is Felimazole.
  2. How long ago was she diagnosed and has she been on the medication?
  3. Was a full blood panel done (a series of blood tests)? Were there other abnormalities?
  4. Has she stopped eating completely? For how long?
  5. “Small amounts of water”….do you think she is drinking enough or is she just having a few licks at it?
  6. Is she very thin and do you think she is losing weight?
  7. What does she do during the day? Is she reasonably active? Does she sleep most of the day? Does she purr when patted?

Thanks, Peter

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
1: sorry-hyperthyroid is correct
2:a weak ago or so...she dont take the medication
3Yes full blood test.--Only minor liver funktion
4 she eats minor dry food
5 She dont drink enough is my opinon.
6very thin under the fur,I think loosing weight
7Sleeps mostly...she has never purred at all
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
About qust 3.:only minor liver funktion reduction..not to worry about.

Hi again

Thanks for the follow-up.

Norway is a very old girl. You’ve done well to get her to such an age. She’s also very lucky to have an owner who is so caring.

Hyperthyroidism is a common problem in old cats and thiamazole is the standard treatment. It usually works well. Unfortunately it’s not a very palatable drug…cats hate the taste. In addition to that hyperthyroid cats can be a bit grumpy and difficult to dose. If she’s not getting the medication she will continue to deteriorate. If you can somehow force the medication into her then you may see her appetite return. Most vets carry a special dosing instrument called a Pill Popper. This is a plastic tube with a soft latex tip that allows you to safely (for cat and owner) deposit a pill at the back of the throat. Ask your vet about that.

At her age we will usually expect to see some degree of kidney problem too…chronic renal failure (CRF). From what you say she was okay in that way but things can change quickly. It may be that her kidneys are starting to cause problems. A repeat of the kidney function test may be worthwhile.

Tangling of the coat is common in unwell aged cats because they stop grooming themselves. You must take over this task with a steel comb. If the coat is left like that she could develop skin irritation or infections.

“Retracted eyes” could signal dehydration. If she is only taking small amounts of water then that may be the case. You need to encourage her to drink until you see your vet. He/she can determine if she’s dehydrated and can give her fluids by i/v drip or subcutaneously if necessary. In the meantime try using a turkey baster to trickle water into the side of her mouth.

Unfortunately from what you’ve described this does not sound like a very hopeful situation. It may well be that the rest of her system is starting to decline and once this happens it can progress rapidly. Rehydration can sometimes give us a quick response but unfortunately it is not always sustained. You need to have her re-assessed by your vet soon. It may be that her time is coming. This is a difficult thing for me to discuss with you because I don’t know what are your feelings about euthanasia. But you must consider the quality of her life. If there is no quality then it may be better that she gently goes to sleep. There is no reason to feel guilty if that is your decision. She has had a good long life with a loving owner and you have, I’m sure always made the best decisions for her. That “final decision” is perhaps the most important one we ever make for our pets.

I hope I’ve been of help. Please contact me back if I can assist further.

Good luck. Kindest regards, Peter

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Ahh,,,,I'm sorry, I mis-interpreted your words. I thought "Norway" was such a nice name for a cat.
What is his name?
I hope I helped you.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
...her name is TOPSY...she has lived with me the last 5 years..before that my daugthers cat...but she travel a lot and left Topsy to me , and she dont accept that Topsys "time might have come"...she presses me to get Topsy survive..despite all difficulites that have emerged !
Topsy's an equally nice name...traditional.
Then you must give Topsy a last chance. Get her re-assessed, get her rehydrated and get a pill popper. She may just need to get that thyroid level down. Maybe there will be some time left for her yet.
Good luck, Peter
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
thanks a lot !...goodbye !