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kitty: cry..littler box after she uses the bathroom shes fine..bowel

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Hiii ..I have a kitty thats about 7 years old. For some reason all the sudden she will cry loudly then sometimes pass gas other times she runs to the littler box after she uses the bathroom shes fine. I tried pin pointing where the pain is being caused and its either under her ribs or in her large bowel. I saw under her ribs because she crys if you touch when her bowels are moving...I saw her large bowel because she cries and then passes gas and the large bowel is the only thing that I think is there like...I mean there is only a very tint bit of time from when she cries and then passes gas. I broguht her to the vet they said hair balls maybe and gave me this hair ball treatment. It seemed to help but then nope it doesnt matter if I give that to her. She still cries. They gave me prescription food. Doesnt help. They did an Xray and saw nothing. :( I feel so bad for her I cant take that she is hurting. What other things do you suggest.


Can I ask you some questions first

  1. How long has she had this problem? Did it come on suddenly?
  2. Did you change her diet prior to these signs developing?
  3. What type of prescription food does she have now (brand, etc)? Is that all you feed her?
  4. What do her stools look like? Solid? Soft? Diarrhoea?
  5. Does she vomit regularly?
  6. Is she wormed?
  7. Has she lost any weight lately?

Thank you, Peter

Customer: replied 6 years ago.


This came about 3 - 4 months ago..And yes it did come on suddenly. And I believe I did give my kitties some different food one time some months ago. I was giving them there regular stuff then one time I was too tired to go to the big grocery store so I ran into a gas station and grabbed food. But then after that was gone I gave them there normal food. She was eating .......oh crap I forgot the name of the presciption food! I did give her only the prescription food but her still cried a bit. So I just have been giving her her normal food again. Before this happened her stools were normal like as big as my pinky finger and dark brown and formed. When this problem started her stools went to watery and a light brown color and a few times I saw it yellowosh looking. And her stools are very little in amount. She used to throw up sometiems but she hasnt in a very long time. Yes she is wormed but I havent given her worm medicine in a couple months. She has lost 3 pounds from april to now. Thanks so so much for your help.


Thanks for the additional information.

From what you describe I think you are quite correct in that this will be bowel pain, most likely the large bowel (colon). Inflammation in the colon will cause flatulence (gas), pain and usually an intermittent or consistently soft stool. When Beeba has one of these painful events she gets relief after passing a stool so that means that this is a large bowel problem. I really don’t think that this will relate to hair balls. Hair balls issues in cats are common but the signs are usually vomiting or constipation. Pain is not a feature.

We need to consider as a possibility inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Her signs are reasonably consistent with this condition although we see a lot of variations. IBD is a common problem in cats. It involves inflammation of the colon (large bowel). Most commonly we get pain, diarrhoea, some vomiting and weight loss. Very often there is a history of diet change prior to the first episode. There are a number of causes including food intolerance, food allergy, infection (bacteria or protozoa) and parasites. Beeba has been wormed so that should rule out parasites.

Investigation to determine the cause can be a little protracted and expensive. The correct course of action is first to have a sample of her stool sent to a pathology lab for examination and culture to see if there is any obvious cause. Blood tests, an xray and ultrasound should be done and perhaps even a bowel biopsy. This can all get pricey! However in most cases it’s reasonable to first try some simple fixes first. Diet modification is a good start. We don’t know what diet she was put on but maybe it was a “hair ball diet”…that would not settle down IBD. There are a few prescription diets designed for this. They are low irritant and low allergy. An example is Hill’s Sensitive Stomach but there are a number of these and your vet will have his/her preference. You would need to use this for a week for any response and it’s important to not feed anything else. I will also usually use a course of metronidazole which is an “antibiotic” effective against protozoan infections a common cause of colitis in cats. This medication also has an immunomodulatory effect and that can sometimes be involved. Other medications can also be used including cortisone and immunosuppressive drugs but I am reluctant to go to that extent without a full diagnostic process.

Whereas I suspect IBD there are other possibilities but a diagnosis is needed before any treatment can be prescribed so that means the diagnostic process would have to be followed. But if your vet has not already considered IBD you should discuss this possibility with him/her and ask about trying the diet and metronidazole option. The latter must be done in consultation with your vet of course.

This article (click here) will give you a good description of IBD. It’s a veterinary information site with quality comment.

I hope I’ve been of help. Please contact me back if I can assist further.

Kindest regards XXXXX XXXXX luck, Peter

Dr Pete and 2 other Cat Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thanks so much for your help. I clicked on the link above for the cat food and Hills was the name of the cat food that my second vet gave me BUT it wasn't the one you suggested. I bet thats exactly what she needs is that the one you showed me. Sorry for all the typos in my first question lol It was very late here. When I said I saw the large bowel i meant to say I "say" the large bowel. lol. I'm really thankful for this site because I was looking for a third opinion as my first vet didnt seem helpful at all. My second vet that I took her to seemed more helpful but i wanted a third opinion before I made any move for my little sweet kitty. I will do as you say and have them look in her rear and into her bowels. I think that is neccessary too. They did an Xray and saw nothing. But that makes sense because if her colon is probably inflammed an Xray wouldnt show that.


I also wanted to tell you/ask you...when her stomach starts hurting it makes her breath fast for a few seconds and I can also tell she gets an upset stomach because she licking her across her teeth back and forth like we do when we salivate. Also when she goes to stretch she makes a little crying noise. BUT yes like I was saying before after she passes gas or goes to the bathroom she's fine. Poor little thing. Thanks again for your help :)

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for checking in on my kitty it means a lot. I have since switched her food with my vet to the food you suggested and she is going to schedule her ultra sound. My vet thinks she may have pancreatitus. I'm hoping the ultrasound will reveal something. Thanks so much again. If I ever need help I will surely be coming to you :)
Thanks for the update.
Hope all goes well...let me know.
Cheers, Peter