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How can I tell when my cat is finished having labor and be

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How can I tell when my cat is finished having labor and be sure that all of the kittens have come out? She has had eight kittens as far as I can tell and seemed to be having contractions for a little while after the last one, but now has been quiet and resting for a few hours. Could those last contractions have been something besides a final kitten?
WOW 8 kittens!

Is she eating now?
are the babies nursing and happy?
Did she expel all the afterbirths?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
She ate a little and drank a little water and looks more alert now. The kittens are feeding fine. There was one placenta that got stuck after the seventh kitten, but she was licking and chewing at herself in a way that could have meant it came out, then she had the eigth kitten and did expel the one for that kitten. I am hoping that means they all came out.
and thanks. that many kittens was a surprise and worried me a bit because she is young and somewhat small.

Dear friend,


I bet EIGHT babies were a BIG surprise!

I would say she is probably done now.



Cats have two uterine horns so mommy can have kittens in each.The nursing by the baby should bring on further contractions so you want to encourage that. Also allow her to eat the afterbirth as that brings on contractions as well

It can actually take 30 hours or more for a cat to complete a four kitten(average) delivery.(let alone EIGHT!!!) When she is done she will want to eat as they feel starved. She CAN have more up to 30 hours later.

A cats appetite is the best barometer of her health because if they are sick or in pain, they will not eat.

The babies happy and nursing indicates she is producing good milk.

I would not worry unless she appears upset,has pale gums, seems in pain, has an odorous discharge or another several hours goes by with obvious labor and no production of babies. Otherwise she should be fine.

Sometimes cats can develop uterine infection, the symptoms are:

pain, fever, odorous discharge, in appetite and pale gums.

As long as you do not see any of those symptoms she is ok

Please let me know how everyone is doing .I will always be here for you.

Best of luck with your blessed event

Warmest wishes,



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