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Terri, Feline Healthcare Expert
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Cat sudenly seems to get leg cramp in one back leg. The back

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Cat sudenly seems to get leg cramp in one back leg. The back left leg suddenly pulls up to to the body and the cat loses balance and usually falls over. In a matter of seconds, stands back up and acts normal. Occurs 2-3 times in an hour and then is ok for hours- sometimes 5 hurs between occurances. Has lost appetite and won't drink. Wants to go outside, seems alert but of course looks afraid when this happens. Started suddenly on Aug. 4th. Occurs irregularly. Cat spits when happens but doesn't act aggressive.


I am sorry Daphne is having trouble.

How many such episodes has she had?
Does her leg feel cold or have blue nail beds

Are her gums pale or white?

Do her eyes dart back and forth?

When did he see the vet?

Thank you


Dear friend,


I am quite concerned about Daphne.


She may have a blood clot.



This blood clot can leave the heart in the large blood vessels exiting the heart, but then get stuck in many of the smaller blood vessels leaving those major arteries. When this happens, it can cut off blood supply to a limb. Suddenly the cat limps on that limb and is very painful.

Think of wrapping an elastic band tightly around your finger. Pretty quickly it becomes painful and it is hard to use the finger. This is essentially the same thing that happens when a thrombus blocks blood supply to a cat's limb.

On exam, these kitties present with pain and limping. If the clot has gone to the right front leg (the first "exit" from the major arteries) that foot will be colder than the others and the nail beds will be blue. The blood clot may lodge in the caudal vena cava, which is a major blood vessel leading to both back legs. In this case, the cat will not be able to use the back legs but will drag them around and will be in severe pain. If this happened some time ago, the limbs may be so numb by now that there is no pain from them anymore. However, the pads will be notably cool, the nail beds will be blue and the cat will not have pulses on the back legs. This carries a grave prognosis.

Early treatment involves drugs to stop more clots from forming - the choices are aspirin or coumadin (rodenticide, rat poison, warfarin). Unfortunately, if there is a major clot to both back legs, treatment may not be possible.

Here is more about thrombus formation in cats:

And more about Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy which is the most common heart problem in cats, and the most common reason they develop blood clots:


Please let me know how she is doing.


Sincerest best wishes,



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Her nail beds are not blue. Her gums are normal. Her eyes are normal



Sat. 4:30 pm, 7:00 pm, 9:15 pm, 21:40 pm and then no more all evening.

Sun. 10:30 am when waking, 11:10 am, 12:05 pm, 2:00 pm.


I noticed when she was in the garden ( I watch her all the time) she had an attack and hopped with left back leg pulled to body but kept her balance. She then seemed to shake it off and walked on as normal. She has taken drops of antiboiotic from vet. (Ampitab) 10 drops 2x yesterday and once this morning. She has eaten little cat treats and drank water. In between attacks she is absolutely normal.

OK, does she seem to have any pain in her back, neck or the leg?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

She's laying relaxed in my garden flower container! No, she shows no pain. In fact, she seems to want to be petted. Lightly squeezed both feet and she showed no pain. The vet did take an xray when I took her on Friday and said she looks like she should have more calcium for her bones - but didn't see anything serious. (It's not that I don't trust my vet - she is great but she also was stumped so that is why I am trying a second opioion.)


I'm supposed to call her Monday morning and I guess she will want to take more blood to do further tests.


It's terrible because she seems so normal and I get my hopes up and then she has one of these episodes.

Dear friend,


I completely understand why you are upset. I am too!

There are several possibilities for your babies trouble.

Disc or verebre injury

Torn tendon in her leg

blood clot.

tick bourn ailment


ear infection causing vestibular syndrome


Lymes disease


Take her inside and apply alternating hot and cold compresss.. Five minuites on and twenty off for two hours. Continue with the one that gives the most relief

Set her up on a heating pad with a towel between them.Or put raw rice in socks, warm in the microwave and place them around her.

Rub a drop of pancake syrup into her gums in case she is hypoglycemic.

Cats are attractted to smely foods, the stinkier the better.

So offer tuna, salmon, sardines,fancy feast or canned food.

She MUST eat or her liver can fail


I will be here till six eastern time so please keep me posted.



Sincerest best wishes for her,










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