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My (almost) 4 yr old cats gums are red near the tooth line

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My (almost) 4 yr old cat's gums are red near the tooth line and vet suspects feline oral resorption disease--said can tell by xrays or if cat chatters when tooth is probed under anesthesia during teeth cleaning. Since my local vet doesn't have xray, I am taking him to specialist for consultation and same day teeth cleaning and operation to remove teeth if that is what it is. I am very hesitant to pull his teeth because he is no pain when eating or when I brush his teeth. He is too young to have to have no teeth. Besides, he only eats kibble--will not eat any canned food of any type or any fresh fish or anything soft. How will he be able to eat if I remove his teeth--especially during the healing period after operation? Should I wait a few years until he shows signs of pain to remove teeth?

I am sorry your boy has you worried.


If you cat is not in pain I am unsure why your vet would think this is anything more serious then Gingivitis.

The redness at the gum line is classic for gingivitis and is very common in cats.This is normally cleared up with antibiotics and teeth cleaning.

here is more on this


I would not panic just yet wait until you see what they say at the specialist but if he is not in pain there should be no reason to pull the teeth at this time.


I hope this helps, please reply back if you have additional questions or concerns


Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I looked up the site you listed and it makes me feel better, because his gums aren't 1/10th that bad--only a darker pink line near his teeth. He does have some tartar buildup on his back teeth, so I guess to be safe, I should get his teeth cleaned with xrays ($700--ouch!). I just wonder if it's worth the anxiety of putting him under anesthesia.

Good I am glad you feel better. I would absolutely do the cleaning so the problem does not get worse but really what you have described is classic gingivitis. If you do not have the funds right now to do x rays and cleaning I would ask your vet if they can do a round of antibiotics(clindamycine) and give you a few weeks to save money for the cleaning.


In a cat that had these symptoms we would not refer to a specialist but would try the antibiotics first then wait 2-3 weeks and do a cleaning

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Would like to give her a positive feedback. I took my cat back to the vet after 3 months of diligent teeth brushing at home, and was happy to hear that the symptoms of the disease are not there anymore. She even told me that I can wait a few years before I clean his teeth professionally. No feline oral resorption disease in sight! Let's hear it for C.E.T. toothpaste! And for your good, reassuring advice. Thank you, Candy.

YEAH... That is great news. I am glad I was here to help and guide you .


Thank you so much for the update and keep up the good work

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