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Our cat has had his broken rear leg fixed by a pin and we are

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Our cat has had his broken rear leg fixed by a pin and we are keeping him in a cage. No problems in his eating or using the litter tray but after the pain killer wore off he was frantic with pain biting the cage his litter tray and generally frantic. The vet gave him another injection and at present he is ok. Can someone tell me is this normal that he cannot put his foot to the ground and when he tries he is in pain? Also how long will it take for the break to knit together with the pin in it? Our vet says 2/3 weeks and he should be able to walk which seems very fast to me.

Dr.Wally :

Good afternoon, I'd like to help you with your question.


Hello and thank you. I wait for your answer.

Dr.Wally :

I do have a few questions. First, what day was the surgery to repair the fracture? Is the cat home now or still in the Vet clinic?


The cat was first operated two weeks ago aith a pin extending outside the body of the cat. We kept the cat in a cage for two weeks but then the pin started to extend to about 10cm and we went back to the vet. The xrays showed that the pin had come out of the joined bone sections and that a new operation was needed. This was carried out last Saturday and this time the pin is concealed inside the wound. We collected the cat on Sunday morning and he is here at home in the cage. However the behavour was so frantic last night and the cat obviously in deep pain that I telephoned the vet and then took the cat to have an injection of a pain killer. He slept after the pain killer came into operation but now today he can only drag the leg and when resting on it is in pain.


Why is it taking so long to answer my question?


.More than 24 hours since you asked questions which I answered immediately

That level of pain might be expected in the first 24-48 hours after surgery. After that, it should be a dull pain...not intense.


I am hoping that you have your cat on some oral pain medications at home. Metacam or buprenorphine would be great, especially in combination. Ask your vet if he hasn't prescribed these already.


If your cat is still in intense pain after 48 hours, there may be a nerve trapped by the fracture repair, and something should be done.


The bone takes 4-6 weeks to truly heal, but some patients are bearing weight on that leg much before that...usually in a week or two (at least toe-touching).

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