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My 9 month old cat is currently running a fever of 104 F.

Resolved Question:

My 9 month old cat is currently running a fever of 104 F. He began eating less and acting lethargic a few days ago. We moved over the weekend which has seemed to stress him on top of his current illness. Our other cat (no genetic relation) recently died of FIP. I am concerned that this may be the cause of his illness as well. Should I take him to the emergency vet with a temp of 104? What is the likelihood that he has FIP?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Dr.Wally replied 6 years ago.

Anytime a cat has that high a temp, it warrants a trip to the vet. If you have a 24 hour facility, and the cost is not a big factor, I would recommend you take your cat in tonight. If this is not possible, I would be sure to have your pet see a vet first thing tomorrow.


A few of the possibilities (by no means the only causes of high fever in cats) can include Feline leukemia or an abscess. You'll want your vet to pinpoint the origin of the infection if possible and treat it quickly.


For now, keep the cat confined and offer water often. I would hold off on food for tonight.



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