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Lynn, Veterinary Assistant
Category: Cat
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Experience:  worked at a vet clinic for 18 yrs, BA in biology, experience with cats for 20+ years
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My cat is pooping in a corner of the house (or the bath tub)

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My cat is pooping in a corner of the house (or the bath tub) and not in their litter box. We recently had to move the litter box out of the laundry room because it bothered out tenant in the basement who has a cat and a dog too... We are worried that she is having trouble adjusting to other animal smells. Just last night she threw up her weekly wet food in three locations. Is this a behavior issue or a physical illness? how do we help her and re-instate use of the little box?<br /><br />Since we removed the food dish from the spare bathroom where the litter box was moved too, and closed the bathroom doors she is peeing in the litter box again, but still refuses to poop in it. <br /><br />When she was peeing in the bath-tub her urine was a very dark brownish yellow. After last night's extensive vomiting, I am wondering if this is a stress issue related to the animals our tenant has in the basement or a health issue?

Has she thrown up today?


Is she eating normally?


Is she drinking any more than normal?


How many litter boxes do you have?




Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Once in the early AM, both other times occured at night (12pm)

She is eating normally otherwise. The vomiting occured shortly after I put out her wet food. She quickly consumed it, especially the liquid gravy.

She seems to be drinking fairly regularly, but I have also seen her jumping up on the counter to drink out of the sink a couple of times recently...which makes no sense to me because she has a pet fountain that I change regularily.

only one litter box, its a covered model with compressed pine bedding pellets she has been using successfully for 5 years.



Unfortunately, this could be either a medical issue, or caused by stress, or possibly even both. Cats that are under stress are more likely to develop medical problems. Urinary tract infections, early kidney disease, diabetes, and more can cause the signs you have seen. If she continues to vomit I would definitely recommend a visit to your veterinarian to determine if there is an underlying medical issue.


Its possible she vomited because she ate too quickly, so if she doesn't do so anymore then you can try a few things first to see if they help her litter box problems. Changing the location of the litter box could be what triggered her to start this behavior. Because you can't put it back where it was originally, I would add one more box. Cats that have been fine for years will suddenly decide they want to urinate in one box and defecate in a different one. Even if you have to put them side by side I would still do this.


One product that may help her is Feliway. It consists of calming pheromones, and was specifically designed to help cats with inappropriate elimination problems. It comes in a plug in diffuser or a spray that you put right on the arenas she has defecated on. Most larger pet stores carry Feliway. Here is a link to their website:


Here is a link to a page that may have some additional ideas for you to try:


If these ideas do not help, or if she should develop any other symptoms such as loss of appetite, lethargy, etc. then I would recommend a visit to your vet right away.


If you have further questions let me know. If this answers your question please click accept. Thank you and best wishes.




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