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My cat has been lethargic, lost weight, has bad breath & sounds

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My cat has been lethargic, lost weight, has bad breath & sounds like sinus or congestion. His Neutrophils are high and Eosinophils are high. My vet wants to treat him with a dewormer, but I have another cat that is fine and they've been using the same litter box for months.
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I am sorry to hear your baby is having trouble.

When was he last dewormed

Did your vet do a full oral exam with x rays

How are his stools

What food is he eating now

Has there been any vomiting

Is he indoor only
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

He has always been an indoor cat and never dewormed that I know of.


The vet just did an oral exam on the table - no x-rays. She said if the dewormer doesn't help, she'll have to put him under anesthesia & do a full oral exam.


I think his stools have been fine, solid, but I did notice some diarrhia in the box and I'm not sure from which cat.


He eats Purina Indoor dry food and I also feed them canned food twice a day. He usually wolfs it all down, but lately has been walking away from it.


He is a long hair and yes, there has been vomiting. Not in the past week, but recently almost every day.

Ok, sorry just one more did the vet do a full chemistry to check the kidneys and liver or only a cbc
Were there any other abnormalities on the blood work
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I do have a full diagnostics report from them but not sure if it's a full chemistry.


The Neutrophils were high @ 10804 and in the urinalysis, the specific gravity is high at 1.063.


I would attach the report if I can.


The Neutrophils can be elevated due to infection or inflammation in the body. The Eosinophils can be elevated due to allergic response or intestinal parasites.
Trying a dewormer would be a good idea to rule this out as a cause, intestinal parasites can come in on the soles of your shoes so being indoors does not necessary rule out the possibility of parasites.
Worms or other parasites can cause weight loss, vomiting and loose stool. Deworming as a precaution will not hurt and may help. If you are concerned I would have your vet send a fecal off to the lab for a parasite panel. This way you will know for sure if parasites are the problem.

The weight loss and bad breath can also be a indication of problems with the teeth or gums. A full dental exam would also be good as dental disease can cause more serious health concerns.
Vomiting and weight loss can also be associated with IBS and food allergies.
Read more here

Another problem I have seen in long haired cats is a partial blockage in the digestive tract do to built up hair or larger hair balls. If a partial blockage is present we will see weight loss, and vomiting.
If the antibiotics make no difference and parasites and dental disease are ruled out I would suggest abdominal x-rays to look for a blockage or thickening of the intestines which is often seen with IBS

The most important thing is to keep him eating, cats that decrease their food intake or stop eating all together can develop a very dangerous condition called Hepatic Lipidosis or fatty liver this can and does lead to liver failure.
You can try offering tuna, salmon, boiled chicken,or baby food in chicken or turkey free of onion or garlic powder.
I would give the antibiotic time to work and do the deworming recommended by your vet, if you then see no improvement I would suggest further diagnostics

Please keep me posted on how she is doing, please reply back if I can be of additional assistance
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