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ERAnimalNurse, Emergency Critical Care Nurse
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My cat has all of a sudden started acting weird. She seems

Customer Question

My cat has all of a sudden started acting weird. She seems agitated (tail flicking) she runs off when I come near, though she doesn't run far. Then she squats down and her eyes shut like she is sleeping. It was feeding time when I noticed this and she won't eat. What could this be? What could have happend in a few hours?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  ERAnimalNurse replied 7 years ago.



I am sorry your kitty is not acting like herself. It is going to be very difficult to give you a list of possible causes for her symptoms, because the symptoms she is showing at this time are very vague, and can point to too many things. I suspect that whatever is going on is in the early stages, and that this illness or injury mught declare itself through the development of more symptoms as time passes. For example, you might see some vomiting, diarrhea, hiding.....the list goes on and on. At this point, the best advice I can give you is to watch her closely, and have her seen by her vet in the morning if she isn't back to herself or if she develops any other symptoms. If she starts to pant, can not or does not want to move around, has trouble breathing or starts to vocalize have her seen immediately by an emergency vet. I am sorry I cannot give you something more specific, I know that it is frustrating. If you think she is feeling badly enough, have her seen by an emergency vet right away. You know her best, XXXXX XXXXX best determine how uncomfortable she is. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. If this has been helpful, please hit the green accept button. Best of luck with your kitty, I hope she feels better soon and that nothing too serious is going on :)

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
This moring, first thing, she was sneezing, though I have not heard her sneeze since then. Last time she acted like this she was bit by something. But then her tail was swollen. I see abosolutely nothing here. Her nose is dry too. It is just so sudden and way way out of the ordinary. She is so vibrant, active, vocal, and needy (lol omg is she needy). And now just nothing.
Expert:  ERAnimalNurse replied 7 years ago.
I know what you mean about needy, my kitty starts squawking at 9pm because that's bed time (whether I like it or not), and he wants to snuggle. You are very in tune with your kitty, and therefore will catch something wrong before it fully declares itself, like it seems you have done in this instance. This is both good and bad. Good because you can help her feel better faster, bad because it's hard to know what to watch for and expect until she develops more symptoms. Treatment is difficult until a cause can be determined, and a cause usually cannot be determined until more symptoms have developed. Sometimes some basic diagnostic tests like blood tests and x-rays can shed some light, but again sometimes these values won't have changes so early on. I realize how frustrating this is, keep a close eye on her and have her seen ASAP if you feel she cannot wait for her regular vet to open in the morning. I will keep my fingers crossed that nothing too serious is going on....