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My cat has sticky stuff from flypaper on his fur and is grooming

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My cat has sticky stuff from flypaper on his fur and is grooming it off even as I try to remove it.... the active ingredient is something called "rosin-rubber mineral oil" - - Is this going to damage him?
No. The stuff itself is not toxic. The best way to get it off is to soak the fur where it is stuck with vegetable oil. It is slow, but will eventually soften the rubber. If there are parts of the fur where you can safely cut the flypaper off without cutting the skin, that will help, but be careful to locate the skin before you cut, because it is really easy to cut him. (The skin tents up when you pull on it. Many a cat has been accidentally cut this way.) Once the flypaper goo has softened with the vegetable oil, you should be able to comb it out.

People have wondered if Goo Gone could be used, but I would hesitate to use it, even though it is supposed to be non-toxic when consumed orally. I would stick to vegetable oil. At least it is non-toxic, even though it is messy. You can always wash it off with dish soap and water.
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