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I had asked a question last week about my cat that has diabetes-I

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I had asked a question last week about my cat that has diabetes-I had lost her insulin-and she suddenly seemed lethargic, not eating-Per your advise I took her to a pet emergency hospital -they said her blood glucose was good 182-so I took her home with some insulin-next day took her to her vet who said her white blood cell count was like 10- or 12-she has an appt next week-but for the last 2 days has not been eating at all-mostly sleeping-go out the back yard-is it safe to wait until monday to take her into the vet? The vet also said that since her blood glucose showed she was doing better with less insulin-we scaled it back, plus she has started a new insulin so we are starting at 1 unit to find the right balance-
I'm sorry to say that I would not wait. I'd get her in asap. Especially since she has not eaten in 2 days. DO NOT give any insulin since she is not eating. She needs to be checked to see where her glucose levels are and to see if she has ketones in her system which is life threatening. Also, if she needs antibiotics, they need to be started asap, especially since she is doing so poorly. I am sorry you are experiencing so many complications. Please let me know if you have more questions about this. I hope she will be feeling better soon.
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