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Dr. Andy
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My 10 year old cats eye was red around rim, now I notice a

Resolved Question:

My 10 year old cat's eye was red around rim, now I notice a cloud over a portion of his
eye. He does suffer from alergies which I thought was the problem but the cloud
concerns me.

Thank you

Margaret Callaghan

It is like a grey cloudiness 1/4 of eye.
It does not appear to bother him.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Dr. Andy replied 7 years ago.


It is of concern.

That cloud possibly results a reactive condition (edema in the cornea) as a result of corneal injury (like a corneal ulcer that is trying to heal), or is secondary to some other eye trauma or infection.


Absolutely, that eyes needs to be seen by a vet,and sooner than later. Some of these inflammatory or infectious problems with the eye can progress quickly and can be painful.


Your vet may recommend a eye stain test: (link says dogs, but applicable to cats)


More info on cloudy eyes in cats:



Good Luck

Dr. Andy


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