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My 10 month old male Ragdoll has been diagnosed with Stud Tail.

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My 10 month old male Ragdoll has been diagnosed with Stud Tail. My vet recomends "Douxo Spot- On". I can't find it on the Web ..... Help?

Hello. Thanks for writing in. "Stud Tail" is a condition that develops with oversecretion of the gland around the tail. It happens most commonly in intact male cats. It is usually more of a cosmetic problem, but due to the oversecretion of oils, secondary bacterial infections on the skin happen often. Treatment usually involves clipping the area close to the skin and washing the area twice daily with an anti-seborrheic shampoo until the problem gets better, then weekly for maintenence. Often, oral antibiotics are needed for secondary infections. If he hasn't been neutered yet, I would seriously consider that. Neutering will usually decrease or eliminate the clinical signs of this condition. Douxo Spot is an antiseborrheic shampoo that can help with this condition. You can find it on the website below. Any anti-seborrheic shampoo with sulfur/salicyclic acid or benzoyl peroxide will help, though. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Hope this helps.


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