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My cat is gagging and licking his mouth a lot. He has been

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My cat is gagging and licking his mouth a lot. He has been vomitting on and off for a couple of days. Thought it was ok but tonight he woke up on me gagging. Rushed him to the bathroom and there he made a couple of noises but nothing came up and now all he is doing is licking really hard I think to keep it down. Is there anything I can do to help him feel better before he goes to the vet at 7 am CST??? He IS allergic to things in his food so I have him on D/D diet and Evo diets which he seems to like but now he is doing this again. He has not gotten into anything either......
Hi Melissa,

I am sorry your baby is not feeling well.

Is he able to urinate and pass stools?

What and when did he eat last?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I don't know if he has gone to the bathroom or not and now that you say that I am worried about a stone..... He has had one in the past. I think he ate earlier tonight but hasn't eaten since but it is hard to tell because he is 1 of 4 cats and they all eat together. Wish I could help you more, but that is all I know. Should I take him in right away like my gut is telling me to??? Is there anything I can do NOW that will ease him???




From your description of his actions it sounds more like an oral issue like a bad tooth, sore or something stuck in his mouth.
Check under tongue, roof, cheek pouches and between lips and teeth.
Offer him milk or tuna water in case he is dehydrated.
If you think he is having trouble passing urine he should be seen ASAP.
For vomiting dissolve a quarter of a pepsid in soft food and see if he will lick it up.

Please let me know if he drinks and how he is doing.

Best wishes for him,

Terri and other Cat Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks so much!!!!