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Terri, Feline Healthcare Expert
Category: Cat
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Experience:  Expert in feline health and behavior. 20 years experience with cats.
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should I feed my Maine Coon cats wet or dry food. The breeder

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should I feed my Maine Coon cats wet or dry food. The breeder says both, some websites say dry only. My vet says only wet, but the cats like dry and cry for it when I take it away. One of the cats suffers from constipation and refuses to eat food when I put miralax in it. Any suggestions of food that will help the problem?

Dear friend,

Cats are obligate carnivores which means they need to eat meat.

Most esteemed authorities now know that only dry causes constipation, vomiting, urinary issues, diabetes, etc.PLEASE READ:


For the constipated cat add water to his canned food to increase hydration


He can also have milk as that is the best natural laxative.


Any dry food should be grain free.

Here is a comprehensive list:


High Protein/Low-carbohydrate (no grain) food data sheet

Canned food:
Blue Buffalo Wilderness
Innova Evo
Newman's Own Grain Free
Wellness Core
Wellness Grain Free
Best Feline Friend

Dry food: Taste of the Wild
Before Grain
Indigo Moon
Wellness Core
&nb sp; Blue Buffalo Wilderness
Innova Evo

*canned food ranges from 30-40 calories/oz with little variation between brands.

* dry food varies widely in calories and is ranked lowest to highest above

**Most cats need about 200calories/24 hours. This is about 1 tuna sized can per day per cat. To figure 200 calories of dry food, check the bag for calorie content/cup or contact the company

Please let me know how your babies are doing.


Best wishes for them,









Customer: replied 7 years ago.
My cats are ten years old and one is slightly overweight (not the constipated one) and the vet put them on diet food to lower his weight. The constipation seems to have started with this food. The vet also seems to be concerned about kidney problems from high protein food, but I think you are probably correct about no grain. Can you address the kidney issue and also tell me how much milk to give the constipated boy.

Dear friend,

The constipated boy should not eat any dry food. That is what causes kidney issues and constipation.

He can have one to three ounces a day of 2% milk.

Canned food is much lower in calories than dry. It will manage his weight in a healthy fashion

No cat, especially an overweight one should be dieted. Weight loss must be gradual to protect his liver.


Although overweight can cause diabetes and other health problems, it is very dangerous for a cat to suddenly lose weight. That is because a cats liver becomes accustomed to a certain caloric intake. If that amount is cut (for any reason) the liver will think it is starving and grab protein and fat from the cats muscles and organs. This can cause liver and organ failure, muscle wasting and lead to a weakening of the immunity and a disorder called Hepatic lipidosis:

Essentially what happens is the body goes into a state of starvation, and a signal is sent out that the body must mobilize the fat stores to provide energy. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a signal about how much fat to mobilize and fat cats have a lot... so it all gets sent to the liver to be converted from fat into glucose. And the liver gets overwhelmed and shuts down. This leads to nausea and vomiting, which means the cat won't eat, and the body tries to mobilize more fat. The cycle continues and the liver gets into more trouble.



So you can see why dieting would be more dangerous than a bit of overweight.

Cats are meant to eat protein so it will not harm them unless they already have renal issues.




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