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My cat just recently started clicking her jaw. As in it seems

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My cat just recently started clicking her jaw. As in it seems like its popping in and out of joint or something. But, she's still eating and acting normal. Still, this clicking is happening every couple of minutes and it's really concerning me. I gave her an Advantage application last night, which she did NOT like. Even though I put it at the back of her neck, I think she somehow got some in her mouth and was over-grooming and salivating heavily. Today she seemed fine up until about two hours ago when this jaw clicking started. Are they related?

The drooling and salivting is a common side effect of getting some of the drop on products in the mouth.

Jaw clicking can go along with dental issues. You might want to check her mouth to see if she has a lot of tartar build up on her teeth or any sores along the gums.

A broken jaw bone can lead to clicking particularly if its the point where the two bones join in the front of the mouth. If there was any wild struggle with her to get the meds on she might have gotten injured.

Cats will also make a clicking noise or 'chatter' when interested in something but that doesn't sound like the case here.

If it keeps up you may want to see your vet with her.

Hope this helps you!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

It's definitely not the excited clicking noise. She does that quite often though. With this it's definitely something with her jaw. It reminds me of a nutcracker doll opening and closing but on a smaller scale with a clicking when it opens.


Could it be broken and her still eating? That's what confuses me. Her appetite and eating is still the same. She is also playing normally and doesn't seem to be in any pain.


How long should I wait before I take her to the vet?

I have one cat that can't get a dental cleaning that does this constantly now and its due to tartar build up on the teeth. And he chews hard food with no signs of pain but he clicks.

Yes some cats will eat even with a fracture.

They can even eat with a partly dislocated jaw.

I'd say if this is still continuing tomorrow you might set up a vet appointment to have her checked out just in case it is something that needs vet intervention to resolve. If they cannot see you for a day or so that should be fine as long as she is eating and seems fine.


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