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Cher, Feline Specialist
Category: Cat
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Experience:  Feline Healthcare & Behavior Specialist 40+ years Experience
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my 2 himalayan cats have little tiny black specs all in their

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my 2 himalayan cats have little tiny black specs all in their fur close to the skin and most appear dead but some lok like alive bugs.

The tiny black specks you see are most likely 'flea dirt' (excrement), which resembles ground pepper. You can put some of the specks on a white paper towel or tissue, dampen it and if they turn reddish-brown, it's flea dirt.

If you also see what appear to be live bugs and if they are also like tiny black worms, these are flea larvae.

Your cats will need to be treated with a monthly flea preventative like Advantage, Frontline or Revolution, purchased from your vet or online. Some major pet supply stores carry Frontline, now, but please do not use any other flea treatments available in pet stores or supermarkets on your cats, as they are not effective and the side effects can be deadly.

For the moment, bathe your cats in warm water with a few drops of original blue Dawn dishwashing liquid or any name brand dishwashing liquid you have in the house, then rinse well with clear water and towel dry. Also, get a fine toothed stainless steel flea comb and comb your cats.

You'll also have to treat your home, so vacuum frequently, wash all bedding or anything washable in hot water with detergent, which your cat's use, and throw out anything not washable, especially toys made of cloth. You might need to hire a professional exterminator who specializes in fleas, to properly treat your home and yard/garden. Once your cats are on the monthly flea treatment and your home is treated appropriately, the problem should diminish within a couple of months, however, once you treat your cats, there should be no live fleas on them within 8-12 hours.

I hope all will be well with your kitties!

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