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My cat has been leaving blood spots all over the apartment

Customer Question

My cat has been leaving blood spots all over the apartment - the first day I noticed it, I checked his mouth and didn't see anything - but then a few minutes later, he jumped on the counter and opened his mouth to yawn and I saw lots of blood in his mouth. I took him straight to the vet and they said it might be what they call rodent ulcers but couldn't really TELL where the bleeding was coming from. Now I still don't know but I came home today and there is just blood ALL over the apartment - it's like he was sneezing or something and had blood in his nose or mouth and it's spraying all over the walls. I'm really worried - can anyone help me determine what it might be??
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  NancyH replied 7 years ago.

He is going to need another in person exam.

This might be due to a nasal infection, a tumor, an abscessed tooth, or if he goes out or any rodent or insect poison was used in the home it could be from a blood thinning issue.

If anyone in the home is on heparin and the cat might have gotten a capsule that can cause bleeding.

So can autoimmune disorders.

If he might have swallowed anything sharp or string or ribbon this could be bleeding from the esophagus that he is coughing up too.

You can read about rodent ulcers here

Epistaxis or nasal bleeding can be caused by a number of things too. You can red more about that here

I think a more in depth look at what is going on is needed and if your vet doesn't feel they can do that you might ask to be referred to a small animal internal medicine specialist or to a feline specialist.

Hope this helps you!