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Dr. B.
Dr. B., Veterinarian
Category: Cat
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Experience:  I have over 20 years experience in small animal and emergency veterinary medicine.
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Hi Dr. B! I am back. O.k. We took your recommendation of Lactulose,

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Hi Dr. B! I am back. O.k. We took your recommendation of Lactulose, he is slowly increasing daily from 1ml 2x a day to 2ml 3x a day. Plus Cisapride 10mg 3 times a day. Miralx 1/2 tsp in food a day. He still has not "pooped" since Thursday. I have been in constant contact with my vet and my guess is that he will need to start all over again with an enema first, like you suggested and the meds again. Any clue to why this isn't working for him. He is trying to go, straining in the box for the last 2 days, but no luck.The vet tech. from an area hospital advised me to try: Childrens suppositories, I just bought them and wonder if it is worth a try today, seeing he won't be seen until Monday sometime. Any feedback on that? And do you know how much Lactualose a 14 pound cat like Max can have? He has been pretty good about taking the meds i must say, I reqard him with a small treat. Any suggestions for food, raw diet? I give him food with alot of water added in. Obviously, I am concerned at a bit at my wits end in how to help him. Thank you so much. I don't know if u are on on Sundays, but whenver u can let me know the above? The suppositories my biggest concern.
Thnak you again and bless you for your care.
Vi and Max

Hi Vi -


Lactulose will prevent stools from becoming too hard but once the hard stool is already formed, it won't work to soften that stool. That is why the enema is generally necessary at frist, and then starting on the lactulose should help prevent recurrence of the problem. I'm guessing the reason the lactulose isn't working is because the dose is too low at this point. This is a big cat at 14 pounds - You could go as high as 3 ml three times a day.


I would not recommend trying the children's suppositories. Cats are not people and they are so sensitive to so many things that people can take. It is just not worth the risk.


Diet is always a difficult thing to decide what to do for these cats. It is good that you are adding water to the food. Some of theses cats do better with a high fiber diet with the theory being that the fiber draws fluid into the colon and helps keep it soft, while others do better on a low residue diet, meaning that once the diet is digested, there is less volume of stool to be excreted. Unfortunately, this has to be a bit of a trial and error situation to see which works for each kitty. I have had better luck with the low residue diets. Both of these are something you can get from your vet.


I'm not a big fan of the raw diets - I know there are people out there who believe they are the best options, but I think the risk for infections from things such as E. coli and other bacteria are just too great. I think most


Let me know if you have other questions. Good Luck!

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