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Terri, Feline Healthcare Expert
Category: Cat
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Experience:  Expert in feline health and behavior. 20 years experience with cats.
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my cat has runny eyes. It is like sticky tears. I tried to

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my cat has runny eyes. It is like sticky tears. I tried to look in her eyes and didn't see any redness.

Hi Jenni,


How long are her eyes like this?


Any sneezing?


Does she go outside?




Customer: replied 7 years ago.
she has had runny eyes for the past two days. She isn't sneezing. She is both an outside and inside cat. She likes to hang outside and hunt mice in the day and stays inside at night.

Dear XXXXXni,


I am sorry your girl has trouuble.She may have an infection or have gotten something in her eyes or it could be allergy related.


She can have an OTC called clortrimeton - a quarter tablet every 12 hours if she is uncomfortablle:

You can also take her in a steamy bathroom where you have run a hot shower to break it up.For the eyes get Terramycin ointment. some pet supplies have it but call first or order from

Apply a damp teabag today for 30 seconds 3 times.

If she develops any colored mucus that means the infection has turned bacterial and will respond to an antibiotic.Some vets script one even if it is viral to prevent secondary infections like pneumonia.

Please let me know how she is feeling. If you get worried I will always be here to help further.

I hope she feels better very soon.

Very sincerely,


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I just wanted to write you a quick note and thank you for your help. I didn't have to try the terramycin. The tea bag remedy did the trick. Her eye is almost back to normal. She is acting more frisky and more her sweet self. Thank you so much.


Hi jennifer,


I am soo glad the teabag helped and your baby is ok.Thats GREAT news!!


Take care,