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Would high globulin levels, lethargy, and weightloss be symptons

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Would high globulin levels, lethargy, and weightloss be symptons that might lead you to diagnosing heartworms?

Good Morning,


Unfortunately, I would be more likely to suspect FIP, particulary if she has not been vaccinated and goes outdoors....heartworms do not cause high globulin levels...


For more info on this condition, click here.


I hope this helps you and that FIP is not the case here. Please let me know how it goes with your vet, I will be thinking of you.


Warmest Wishes,




Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you Reani, She is an outdoor cat, but we have been religious about keeping her up on all of her vacinnations/shots over the years. Could she still have FIP? Since your answer, I just glanced at a definition of FIP. Does feline "coronavirus" have anything to do with her eyes? Her eyes seemed a little glazed to me and a little disoriented. I also wasn't sure she was seeing real well as I was hand feeding her food.


The only thing I was lax on was the heartworm medicine. I didn't realize it was that critical for cats.

It can cause blindness in some cases which when onset is sudden can cause her to be disoriented. Check with your vet to see if she has been vaccinated, since it is not a required vaccine like rabies is...


The vet can check her for heartworm as well, but I do not think that is what is going one with your girl..


Another possibility is a thyroid condition, kidney or heart conditions as those can cause hypertension which can cause sudden blindness as well.


I would get some bloodwork done if it has not been done already as well as having the thyroid checked.


Hope that helps!


Warmest Wishes,



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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you - this was very helpful.


You are so very welcome! It was a pleasure to help you, please do let me know what happens okay?

Thank you for your accept and the generous bonus. I am sending this as an info request so you are not prompted to accept again.


Warmest Wishes,