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My cat has been scratching, licking, and chewing herself raw.

Resolved Question:

My cat has been scratching, licking, and chewing herself raw. She is loosing her hair and has scabs and lesions everywhere. I have bathed her in flea shampoo for cats just in case there were fleas and have tried apple cider vinegar mixed with water to help with the itching so she can heal to no avail. I can not afford to take her to the vet so am trying home remedies from the internet. Is there any home remedies I can try. If she would stop the scratching, the lesions would heal. What about Hydrocortisone 1% cream?


Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Dr. Debbie replied 8 years ago.
Do you know her weight?
What flea preventive brand did you use?
Where are the raw areas on her body?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
She probably weighs between 5-7lbs.
I used Sargents Silver squeeze on for cats and kittens 5lbs and over.
She has raw areas all over her body, but mostly on her head, neck, sides and legs.

Expert:  Dr. Debbie replied 8 years ago.
Sergeant's usually doesn't work well at all for fleas - but you can examine her to see if she still has fleas on her body. You can try giving an antihistamine to relieve the itch, such as benadryl. You can give 1/4th of a 25 mg tablet, or 1/2 teaspoon of the children's liquid three times daily. Hydrocortisone may help soothe the skin but it won't heal the raw places, maybe just ease the itch a bit. I would try a more effective flea treatment such as frontline or advantage and treat your home with an area treatment or flea bomb.

If these methods don't work, you probably will need a shot from your vet or some prescription meds.

Dr. Debbie
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