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why does my cat have bumps on her outer ear thy look similar

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why does my cat have bumps on her outer ear? thy look similar to pimples.

The bumps you notice on your cat's outer ear may be an allergic reaction to fleas, mites, or an insect bite. If they look scaly and are like tiny scabs, she may be scratching at the area.

It would be a good idea to have these bumps evaluated in person, by the vet, to get a definite diagnosis and then, the most appropriate treatment will be prescribed.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
She does not have fleas, are there parasites or mites that afflict a cats ear?could this be mange? but just on her ears? She does not scratch at them either.
Hello again,

Yes, ear mites can affect cats, but they are usually very itchy. Microscopic mange mites are also very itchy.

If she's not scratching at her ears, it's most likely not ear mites or mange mites, but she may have a contact allergy to something she's contacting with her head/ears, all the time, like bedding she's sleeping on, etc. She could be allergic to the detergent her bedding (and yours, if she sleeps on your bed) is washed in, a liquid or dryer sheet fabric softener, any treatments you used on your carpet, like powders/shampoos, etc., or even a plant/flower you may have in the house or she contacts if she goes outside.

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