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I have a outside kitty and he has been bitten over the left

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I have a outside kitty and he has been bitten over the left eye and the eye has swelled; can I give him a quarter of a bendryl tablet to bring down the swelling?

While it is safe to give benadryl to cats, it is not likely to be very helpful in this situation Benadryl is an anti-histamine and is useful if swelling is due to an allergic reaction, but since this was associated with a bite wound, the swelling is more likely to be due to an infection and I would not expect the benadryl to have much effect. This kitty probably needs antibiotics.

If you chose to give the benadryl anyway, the dose you mentioned would be fine.

In the meantime, clean any wounds with warm water 2 - 3 times a day. If possible, it is best to keep him inside (I know you said he was an outside kitty) so you can monitor the situation. Also, flies tend to lay eggs in wounds such as those caused by cat bites and these cats can develop maggots when those fly eggs hatch (not something you want to have to deal with).

I would recommend taking him in to your vet so they can see if there is an abscess present that needs to be lanced (very common with bite wounds) and get him started on some antibiotics.

I hope this information is helpful. If so, please click Accept. If you have additional questions on this topic, please let me know.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I just want to say thank you from our kitty Punkin. The swelling over his eye finally opened up after soaking it with warm water; we were able to push out the infection, washed it and put antibiotic ointment on the sore. It looks like a cut of some sort, possible from something jaggared. I am continuing to wash and apply ointment. It looks 100% better.


Thank you,



Hi Cheryl -

I'm so glad Punkin is doing better. Thanks for taking the time to give me the update - I really appreciate it.