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A few weeks ago I noticed my cat had chewed all the fur off

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A few weeks ago I noticed my cat had chewed all the fur off around her carpal pad. Today I noticed that she has also chewed it off of her lower belly just at the last nipples and below but has also started chewing the right rear leg. There is no redness or irritation it just looks like a really close buzz cut. She is generally healthy with good eating, drinking and litter box habits and a healty level of energy and curiosity for an 8 year old. She also has an otherwise healthy shiny coat of long fur--she looks a little like a Norwegian forest cat but smaller. I feed her Before Grain dry in Tuna and Eagle Pack in Shrimp, Salmon and Sardine. I had a wholistic vet tell me food made from fish is generally better but is this a nurtrient problem?
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Believe it or not the first rule out for these cats is flea allergy dermatitis. Even though your cat may be an indoor cat and not go outside, if there are other pets in the house which can bring fleas in or even you can bring eggs in on your shoes. So be sure she is on a good flea control espeically during the summer but really all year round. If this doesn't help to control the overgrooming then for sure have her seen by your vet to ensure there isn't anything else going on such as mange, ringworm or a bacterial skin infection. Also, given your cats age I would suggest some senior labwork to ensure kidney's, liver, etc are all normal as well. Older cats start to need alittle less protein in their diets because high amounts of protein can cause kidney damage so the high fish diet may not be the best for your kittie. I hope this helps!
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
O.k. that makes sense. I give my dog Advantix and haven't noticed any bites on her or me but I guess I should give her advantage. Do you have any suggestions on food. I need to buy her more today
Definetely use the advantage on her. Cats are such good groomers you very rarely will find a flea or flea dirt. I would suggest you switch her to a premium food such as Royal Canin, Eukanuba, Science Diet etc, of a senior cat food. It is specially formulated for older cats needs. Do be sure to transfer slowly to the new diet as to not upset her stomach or cause resistance.
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