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Cher, Feline Specialist
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Can I us Karo syrup on a 17 day old kitten who is having very

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Can I us Karo syrup on a 17 day old kitten who is having very hard stool, once ever 48 to 72 hours. We have added more water to the formula and vegatable oil, still no results stools are very hard. We are stimulating her post feeding as directed by your cat experts Jessesmon on 5/11/09 @7:14pm. With human babies Karo will softened the stool. But I was positive I coul us it on a kitten. One of my nurses told me she used it on some baby squirrels she found with good results. I was going to use 1 drop to 15cc of formula.
Thank you
Hi again, Gary.

I'm sorry to hear your kitten is still experiencing the continued problem with constipation.

Light Karo syrup can be used very moderately (1 drop to 15cc of formula is fine), for constipation, and if you're able, try this 'kitty glop' formula in place of the Just Born you're using; it's been used with success in young kittens who are being hand-reared:

1 can evaporated milk (sweetened condensed)
2 tbsp. plain, unflavored yogurt (not low or non fat)
2 tbsp. mayonnaise ('real', not light or No-Fat)
1 tbs. Karo Syrup (light)
1 pkg. Knox gelatin
1 egg yolk (beaten)
1 cup unflavored children's Pedialyte
1 jar Beechnut Stage One Baby food chicken (if you use any other brand, make sure it contains NO onion, onion powder, garlic, garlic powder or any other seasonings/additives)

Mix milk, yogurt, mayonnaise, baby food, and syrup together well. Bring 1 cup pedialyte to boil and mix in Knox gelatin. Set aside. Mix egg yolk with small amount of milk mixture and beat well.

Add gelatin and pedialyte to milk mixture and beat well. Add in egg yolk mixture and beat well. Remember to not use egg substitute and keep egg white to a minimum.

Pour into bowl (with cover) and set in refrigerator. Glop will last for two weeks covered in refrigerator. Try freezing the mixture in ice cube trays and store the cubes in the freezer, thaw as many as needed.

Always warm glop to room temperature,(milk form), or a little warmer, before feeding.

You can continue to gently use the very well lubricated thermometer, but not every day and not more than once a day, if you are getting results with a b.m., with this.

The kitten should be evaluated by the vet if she is still having such a hard time with these infrequent, hard stools.

You can begin introducing 'solid' (quality kitten canned) food, in about 5-7 days, and make a very soupy 'gruel' she can lap, with the canned kitten food mixed with the formula, and continue to add the vegetable or mineral oil and karo syrup to the mixture, if she's still constipated.

Here are some sites with additional information re: raising orphaned kittens--

I hope things improve, soon.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.


Thank you we have most oif what we need for Kitty Glop I am on my way to get the rest.

We can not thank you for your help. Will let you know how we my furbaby and me are doing. Ram BO ( the male) is doing fine as you can tell by the name.

Tanks agan and God Bless.

Gary, RamBo, and Cricket (the little female)

Hi again, Gary, and you're most welcome. Thanks very much for your accept, most generous bonus and kind words.

Yes, please do let me know how you, Ram BO and Cricket are doing! Just click 'reply' on this 'request for information' when you can update me.

I LOVE the names you chose for your kitties! : )

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Jissismom


This is the update you requested on Ram BO and Cricket. I am happy to tell you that as of yesterday both are eating solid food and ahving no problem with bowls or kidneys.

No there is a problem with Ram Bo: He thinks he really is Ram Bo he trys to intimadate my Landseer ( 105#) and has springs in his legs. There is no place he can not go and


Thank for all your help. I really belive it saved their lives.

Thank YOU and GOD Bless You


Hello again, Gary, and thanks so much for your update on Ram BO and Cricket.

I'm very glad to hear that they are both eating solid food and their kidneys and bowels are functioning properly! Oh yes, Ram Bo is exhibiting behavior typical of a kitten this age and he sounds like a furball of energy that keeps you on your toes! : )

You are most welcome, and I'm so glad I could be of help to you and both your precious little kitties!

I hope they will both grow up to be healthy and beautiful!